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Alternate Shutdown 1.010
Alternate Shutdown 1.010 This program gives you the opportunity to shutdown your computer either after a period of time or at a specific date/time setting. In addition it offers the possiblity to restart the computer after being shut down or send the computer to hibernation. You may also choose a force parameter which will close running applications that are hanging. The program may be shown as tray icon to avoid using space in the task bar, if the shutdown time is set to a longer period of time. Note: Save all your data before using this program. You are using it at your own risk! On some system-configurations this program may not work. Changes in this version: - Added options dialog Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Languages included: English, German
5/5 534 Sep 26, 2017
Alternate Tools
Shut IT - Shutdown Timer
Shut IT - Shutdown Timer Shut IT can schedule system power-down commands like Shutdown, Reboot, Log-off, Standby and Hibernate. The user sets a time upon which these commands must be actioned and when the time is up, the system shuts down or reboots and so on. Available timer modes: COUNTDOWN: i.e. shutdown in 30 minutes. SPECIFIC i.e. shutdown at exactly 14h35. The built-in options dialog will allow the user access to some additional features included in the program like system cleaning, idle task processing and shutdown optimizing tweaks. Shut IT runs in stand-alone mode and does not need any special installation. Install Support: No installation needed OS Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 OS Bits: 32 and 64-bit System Requirements: CPU 1.6 GHz, RAM 512MB, Any GPU Language: English License: Free CHANGES (APRIL 2014) Version 1.) Fixed issue where child window called from "Help" button functions does not display correctly. Each child window was opening with it's own taskbar presence. Related to: When pressing 'Help' or 'Options' buttons. 2.) "Spesific Time" option will now remember the last time that was used i.e. if the user chose 11:00:00 for powering down the last time then the program will display that specific time again inside the time input box. 3.) Added an auto-run (repeat) feature to the application. The program countdown timer (Specific Timer only) can now be set to automatically startup with Windows so that a selected task can be performed on a daily basis and at a spesific time i.e. Shutdown daily at 17:45. Buttons have ...
0/5 4,169 Aug 22, 2015
Shutdown Clock 1.5
Shutdown Clock 1.5 Shutdown Clock is a free application that will help you schedule PC tasks like shutdown, restart, log off, lock and hibernate at any time. By defining a set of tasks Shutdown Clock monitors your system time and executes these tasks when needed. You can define tasks starting at some specific date and time or tasks that execute at daily basis. Also, tasks can be executed depending on your PC idle time or battery percentage. Shutdown Clock is really easy to use. Once you define your tasks Shutdown Clock can work in the background waiting for the right time to execute those tasks. You are also able to use this application to perform PC shutdown operations instantly (right click on the Shutdown Clock taskbar icon). Shutdown Clock is also able to start with Windows (automatically minimized) and can give you a warning before executing each of the tasks, giving you enough time to finish and save your work or cancel the task altogether. Try it! Itís FREE!
5/5 518 Feb 12, 2018
WinMend Auto Shutdown 1.3.4
WinMend Auto Shutdown 1.3.4 WinMend Auto Shutdown is a freeware utility that can turn off your computer automatically. With simple settings, it can shut down, hibernate, stand by or log off the computer unattended at a scheduled time. Supports Language: English, Hungarian, Vietnames, Russian. Features 1. Countdown Screen There is a 30-second countdown screen before the computer is automatically turned off, so you can cancel or change the operation in time. 2. Intelligent Based on userís settings, it can be launched automatically at Windows startup to perform tasks set by the user. 3. Compact When auto shutdown is set up, it will be minimized to the task bar. Your screen will look clean!
0/5 1,326 Nov 09, 2015
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