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Last Update/Developer
Secret Disk Free v2021.04
Secret Disk Free v2021.04 Creates additional hidden disk protected with a password Creating a secure place for sensitive files has never been easier than with our software Secret Disk. Within a few clicks, you can create a password-protected additional hard disk to store, hide, and lock files. The software also enables you to set several automation scenarios to make usage very convenient for you. If you need more than one secret disk, that can easily be handled by our software. Easy And Fast Creation With our software, you won't need to format your hard disk or change anything to the boot sector. It can make a new disk automatically and quickly while providing you with plenty of set-up options. You can choose to make the disk invisible, including the contents in it, and keep it password-protected. The Secret Disk works similarly to a standard hard disk and provides compatibility with any other software. To top it all off, you can choose your disk letter. Clever in Any Situation In the case of a power outage or fatal error of your Windows OS, your secret disk will automatically lock and become invisible as the information related to the disk instance is stored in the virtual memory. The Secret Disk does not encrypt your files, but it does limit access to them by allowing you to keep them password protected. The software ties together your files with the virtual disk to provide ample security to keep your files secure. Regular updates Just as technology keeps advancing, we will too. As more gets added or enhanced, we will send out updates to keep you up-to-date. The update process is automatic and in the background, so you won't ever need to worry. Trust and Awards Our software has received multiple awards from world-known rating agencies and bloggers. We pride ourselves ...
5/5 6,134 Jul 12, 2021
Secret Maryo Chronicles v1.9
Secret Maryo Chronicles v1.9 A Jump and Run game like Super Mario World with an advanced Editor and highly detailed Graphics based on SDL with a OpenGL accelerated Graphics Renderer developed in C++.
5/5 5,257 Dec 16, 2018
Secret v1.0
Secret v1.0 SECRET is a command line encryption tool for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It comes as a standalone binary file which does not need installation. Copy the file to some path and run it from there. SECRET is very easy to use and can handle encryption of very large files. It supports all file types. SECRET also allows you to encrypt directories with ease, even recursively. Note that on Linux you need to give SECRET binary execution permissions before you can use it. Examples These examples are for Windows, on MacOS or on Linux they are the same except the SECRET binary does not have .exe extension. Note that SECRET has built-in help function which you can call by using SECRET.exe –help. File encryption: SECRET.exe encrypt -f ”/path/to/some/file.txt” –delete This example would encrypt file.txt , rename it to file.txt.secret and after the enc ryption delete the original file (file.txt) File decryption: SECRET.exe decrypt -f ”/path/to/some/file.txt.secret” –delete This example would de crypt file.txt .secret , rename it to file.txt and after the enc ryption delete the original encrypted file (file.txt .sec ret Directory encryption: SECRET.exe encrypt -d ”/path/to/some/test-dir” --recursive Here we’re encrypting directory test-dir with –recursive flag. So all directories under test-dir will be encrypted too. How SECRET works is that it goes through all the files in the directory and encrypting them one by one. Without –delete flag SECRET will leave original files intact, useful for testing and for cases where you do want to keep the original files too. Decrypting directory would work the same way but calling decrypt instead of encrypt subcommand. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the MacOS version, download here If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,993 Jun 04, 2020
Niko Rosvall
The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. v2.1.0
The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. v2.1.0 A two-dimensional side-scrolling platform game based on OpenGL and SDL. The game features a rich set of levels plus an advanced level editor that allows you to create your own levels. It is accompanied by a powerful scripting engine that utilizes mruby, a minimal implementation of the Ruby programming language. Features: In-Game Editor Activated with the F8 key in the game. You can insert any graphic file as a background or sprite in the game. All graphics like hedges and ground sprites are included. You can insert enemies, change the player start position, insert special objects like a powerup box, global level effects, and create half-massive sprites which the Player can jump through, but can not fall through. Many Levels Each level ends with a Gate or Pipe, press up to enter the next level or the direction key into the pipe. Multiple Maryo Stages Includes Small, Normal, Fire, Snow, Star and Ghost Maryo. Advance to the next stage by getting Mushrooms, Fireplants and Stars but beware of the Poison Mushroom. The powerup items can be obtained by jumping into question mark boxes. Multiple Overworlds Get an aerial perspective between levels, just like the World Map in Super Mario World. Great Sound and Music High quality Ogg music and sound for a great game feeling. Save and Load Save anytime in a level or world from the game menu. Then load whenever you want. Get Extra Lives By getting 100 coins or finding the Green Mushrooms and secret Moons. This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here. Linux downloads are on the authors website. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,810 Feb 28, 2022
The Secret Chronicles Team
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