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Resonic Player v0.9.3b
Resonic Player v0.9.3b Resonic Player is a fast audio and music player, directory player, and sample browser, built around a big waveform view, a frequency analyzer, and a musical spectrum. The Player version is free for non-commercial and non-profit use. Meet the Waveform The Resonic user interface is built around a big waveform seek bar for a visual representation of the audio content. A custom browser and file list provides quick access to your folders and files. You can jump to any position in your audio or music files with a click into the waveform. Main Window Explained Player Features Ridiculously Fast Resonic makes extensive use of multi-core processing. Every important part is optimized for speed, which results in extremely fast browsing, seeking, and playback. Lightweight A couple of files, a few megabytes, low memory footprint, and tidy use of disk space. No bloated runtime packages are required. DLL files are not loaded on startup, but whenever they are required, which tailors memory usage to your behavior. Pure Sound In order to achieve the purest sound quality, there is absolutely nothing between decoded audio and sound output that might degrade quality, which is essential for both sound and sample previewing and audiophile audio playback. Resonic's audio engine runs on 32-bit floating point data. Clean Interface A major design goal is to always keep the graphical user interface clutter-free and user-friendly, without nested menus and dialogs, and without dumbing down the more powerful features. Click Less Single-Click Interface A single Left-Click navigates folders, plays files, seeks in audio, changes volume. No need to double-click just for the sake of it, but optionally available. No-Click Scrolling Move the mouse over controls and use the wheel to scroll lists, or to change volume. No need to click them first. Embrace your Keyboard Once you know the basic shortcuts you'll see how fast and comfortable keyboard-supported operation of Resonic really is. Play your folders instantly Resonic plays all your ...
5/5 986 Feb 13, 2020
Liqube Audio
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