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BAR (Beyond All Reason) v1.2988.0
BAR (Beyond All Reason) v1.2988.0 The Epic scale RTS experience you've been waiting for, Unmatched Scale and Realism All units and projectiles are simulated in real-time. The game offers fully simulated projectile ballistics, explosion physics and terrain deformation. Enjoy an immersive RTS experience, whether you are commanding individual units, or armies of thousands. Take control as you engage in an epic struggle for domination! Strategic Importance of Terrain The shape of every battlefield in-game imposes which strategies work and which units are effective. No two maps will play the same. Radar cannot penetrate mountains and nuclear warfare will physically alter the terrain. Utilize over 10 different unit classes, including all-terrain Experimental units, to work your way to victory. Countless Possible Strategies Your power lies in the careful balance of exponentially growing your resource income and the production of devastating war machines. You decide if you want to disarm your enemies with a few precise early strikes or to build a thousand bombers and obliterate them. Immerse yourself in a violent world where tactical and strategical supremacy are needed in your fight towards victory. Over 400 Units... Unique and With a Purpose Each and every unit in the game has a role to fill. Mix-and-match units to create infinite possible tactics. Experiment with your own combinations and show off the new strategies you develop in battle. Minimum Requirements CPU: Dual core 2.7ghz CPU & newer than 2010 GPU: GTX950 and up RAM: 8gb and up Requirements may change due to upgrades we are working on. Recommended: Install BAR on a SSD (4 GB free disc space) We advise keeping at least 20GB of available space to accommodate the downloading of extra maps and storing replays and screenshots. Download a map-pack Currently there's only a few maps included in the download. You can download the full map-pack, used on the servers. • Unpack/download all ...
5/5 1,241 Apr 12, 2024
BAR Team
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