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21 Avast Ransomware Decryption Tools
21 Avast Ransomware Decryption Tools Avast has created 21 different tools to decrypt your files encrypted by the following ransomware variants. This is a zip file containing all 21 of them. AES_NI Alcatraz Locker Apocalypse BadBlock Bart BigBobRoss BTCWare Crypt888 CryptoMix (Offline) CrySiS EncrypTile FindZip GandCrab Globe HiddenTear Jigsaw LambdaLocker Legion NoobCrypt Stampado SZFLocker TeslaCrypt XData Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,007 Nov 13, 2019
Avast Software s.r.o.
Acronis Ransomware Protection v3.11.0.1701
Acronis Ransomware Protection v3.11.0.1701 Free, battle-tested defense against ransomware. Blocks attacks Stop both known and never-before-seen ransomware Recovers files Access local cache to restore damaged data easily Backup to the Cloud Update your files automatically every 15 minutes 5 GB Cloud Free Put your most important files out of harmís way Ransomware attacks someone every 10 seconds. Donít be a victim. Our free tool delivers proven, powerful protection from ransomware like Petya, WannaCry and Osiris, and itís completely compatible with all leading anti-malware solutions. Constantly guards against bad behavior Ransomware viruses canít infect your system on Acronisí watch. Our technology monitors your system in real-time, distinguishing normal activities from suspicious ones like unauthorized encryption. By recognizing bad behavior, it spots ransomware whether the strain is known or not. Immediately stops ransomware attacks If a process is caught trying to encrypt your files or inject malicious code into your system, Acronis stops it before any damage is done. Youíre instantly notified that something suspicious was found. Then you can either block the activity or allow it to continue. Easily restores any affected files After blocking the ransomware attack, Acronis Active Protection will help you restore any files that might have been altered or infected. Our tool searches for the latest file versions and can recover clean copies from your cache, temporary files, or backup. Automatically secure files in the cloud With 5 GB of free cloud storage, youíll not only protect your data during a ransomware attack, but also from disk failures, disasters and accidental deletions. Plus, cloud backups let you access your files from anywhere on any internet-enabled device. Thatís extra protection with added convenience. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,262 Nov 13, 2019
Acronis International GmbH.
Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool v1.0.0.2
Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool v1.0.0.2 A tool to help ransomware victims find which family and sub-version of ransomware has encrypted their data and then get the appropriate decryption tool, if it exists. Ransomware has grabbed the headlines ever since 2014. While most ransomware attacks canít be defeated, Bitdefender constantly creates and updates ransomware decryption tools for families that have either vulnerable encryption algorithms or for which a master decryption key has been leaked. This tool analyzes both the ransom note and the encrypted file samples to identify the strain of ransomware and suggest a decryption tool for the identified family, if such a tool is available. Step 1 Download the BRR tool and save it somewhere on your computer. The latest version is always available here. This tool requires an active internet connection. Step 2 Run the BDRansomRecognitionTool.exe and allow it to execute if prompted by an UAC alert. Step 3 Read and agree to the End User License Agreement Step 4 The application has two fields to fill in: Choose the path to the ransom note file or the path to a folder containing encrypted files. You can choose either option, but the tool needs at least one of the pieces of information to detect which strain of ransomware has encrypted your information. If none of the fields are filled in, you cannot proceed any further Step 5 Press Scan. The application gives a warning if the ransom-note path is not filled in, as the detection accuracy is slightly lower in this case. The content of the ransom note is submitted for analysis to Bitdefender cloud. If the user provides any encrypted file, NO file content will be submitted to our cloud, as the tool only analyzes the filename and its extension. If the ransomware family cannot be identified, the user is informed about this. In some cases, multiple families of ransomware display similar features. ...
5/5 2,131 Nov 13, 2019
BitDefender Labs
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