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Universal Extractor 2 v2.0.0 RC3
Universal Extractor 2 v2.0.0 RC3 Universal Extractor is a powerful and well-known tool to extract files from hundreds of different archive types, installers or otherwise compressed files. It has been created and maintained by Jared Breland until he set it on hiatus after the release of version 1.6.1. Currently, there are several slightly updated modifications floating around, which consist mainly of helper binary updates. Additionally, some improved versions with auto-updaters, more supported file types and GUI redesigns exist. Sadly, these are scattered around the internet and no central and easy download packages are available. As a user you would have to search through many forums in a wide variety of languages to even find a link to the program. Universal Extractor 2 is the most advanced inofficial modification around, aiming at the inclusion of many wanted features, improvement of current ones, ongoing support and a central open-source distribution. UniExtract 2 started as a simple modification disabling the always-on-top status box and ended with the addition of dozens of extractors to expand the range of supported file types. New - and unique amongst the available modifications - features like a scan-only mode to identify unknown file types using multiple scanning applications, the batch mode or the extraction of audio and video tracks from multimedia files make it stand out against these. As a short overview here is a list of the core improvements: Batch mode Silent mode, not showing any prompts Scan only mode to determine file types without extracting Integrated updater 100+ new supported file types Audio and video extraction for multimedia files Cascading context menu Support for password list for common archives Improved optional ...
5/5 4,843 Jan 12, 2022
Winamp v5.9 RC3 Build 9999
Winamp v5.9 RC3 Build 9999 Nullsoft is building Winamp for the next-generation. Not just updated, but totally remastered. The new Winamp connects you to your music wherever you are. It brings you closer to the artists you love. Itís home to your favorite music podcasts and radio stations. Changes: v5.9 RC3 Build 9999 * Improved: Windows 11 compatibility * Improved: Playback of https:// streams * Improved: Updated and tidier generate html playlist code * Improved: [in_flac] Hi-res playback support (24bit/192kHz, etc.) * Improved: [in_mkv] vp8 support * Improved: [in_mod] Playback of .itz, .mdz, .s3z & .xmz compressed modules * Improved: [ml_rg] Added message throttle and other optimizations * Improved: [ml_wire] New working Podcast Directory * Improved: [out_ds] Display device information correctly in Unicode format * Fixed: [in_midi/in_mkv/nu/pfc] memory leaks * Fixed: [in_mp3] id3 empty genre displayed as Blues or Psychobilly * Fixed: [jnetlib/ml_online/ml_wire] JSAPI2 JavaScript API * Fixed: [ml_rg] Calculate ReplayGain for Ogg Vorbis files * Fixed: [out_wasapi] Volume resets to zero on track change * Fixed: [out_wave] Crash when playing module/tracker formats * Misc: lame_enc & libsndfile now static links instead of dynamic dll * Misc: libmpg123, libflac & zlib now static links instead of dynamic dll * Misc: Major compiler refactoring work * Misc: Many more general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations * Misc: Minimum required OS is now Windows 7 SP1 * Misc: New online Help section and articles * Misc: SDK now compatible with VS2017 and newer * Misc: Versioning syntax changed to v5.x.x * Misc: Winamp\Microsoft.VC142.CRT runtimes now installed on Win7/8 * Removed: Bento Browser tab - So long, and thanks for all the fish! * Removed: [read_file.dll] in_midi now using zlib & minizip for compressed midi * Updated: [alac/in_mp4] ALAC 2017-11-03-c38887c5 * Updated: [enc_lame] LAME 3.100.1 * Updated: [freetype.wac] freetype 2.12.1 * Updated: [gif] giflib 5.1.4 * Updated: [in_cdda] libdiscid 0.6.2 * Updated: [in_flac/enc_flac] libFLAC 1.3.4 * Updated: [in_mod] libopenmpt 0.6.4 * Updated: [in_mp3] libmpg123 1.29.3 * Updated: [in_vorbis] libogg 1.3.5 & libvorbis 1.3.7 * Updated: [in_wave] libsndfile 1.1.0 * Updated: [OpenSSL] ...
5/5 4,139 Aug 22, 2022
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