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Pointing Magnifier 2 v2.0.7
Pointing Magnifier 2 v2.0.7 The Pointing Magnifier is a cursor replacement designed to reduce the need for fine motor control. It is also useful in getting a close look at any region of the screen without losing the surrounding context, which has been useful to graphic designers and people with low vision. With the Pointing Magnifier, the usual mouse cursor is replaced by a semi-transparent circular cursor. When the user clicks, the area beneath this circular cursor becomes magnified. Once magnified, the typical mouse cursor arrow appears within the magnified lens, allowing for normal mouse operations, now on much larger targets. The Pointing Magnifier supports all button-based actions: clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking, dragging, and button dwelling, both on the cursor itself and within its magnified lens. It does not trigger mouse movement-based events—mouse over, mouse hover, mouse enter, or mouse leave—due to technical limitations. The original Pointing Magnifier was developed in 2010-2011 by Alex Jansen, with lead designer Leah Findlater and help from Jacob O. Wobbrock, among others. A decade later, numerous feature requests and design improvements have resulted in the creation of Pointing Magnifier 2 by Jacob O. Wobbrock, with help from Alexis Hiniker. Pointing Magnifier 2 Despite the many improvements in Pointing Magnifier 2, there are still some known issues. Known Issues: The Pointing Magnifier cannot trigger mouse movement-based events—mouse over, mouse hover, mouse enter, or mouse leave. Application features, like ToolTips, that require such signals will not respond to the Pointing Magnifier area cursor for these events. A remedy is to use the "suppress" key, which by default is the Ctrl key, to temporarily hide the circular cursor and reveal your regular mouse pointer. The Pointing Magnifier will generally draw behind most menus because menus capture the mouse in order to operate. Thus, the Pointing Magnifier ...
5/5 603 May 01, 2020
Dr. Jacob O. Wobbrock
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