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Last Update/Developer
All in One – System Rescue Toolkit Lite 2018-01-02
==Official Mirror== All in One – System Rescue Toolkit Lite 2018-01-02 The All in One – System Rescue Toolkit Lite is designed to be a first response computer repair tool for everyone, not just technicians. It automatically runs several repair steps that should be able to fix many problems commonly found within Windows. While I cannot guarantee it will fix your particular problem, it can be a first step before having to call a technician. Easy to use! Download, run, wait 1-2 hours, done! Changes: Posted on January 2, 2018 by Paul Vreeland 2018 Toolkit Version Released! Happy New Year! I am excited to announce the release of the 2018 version of my All in One – System Rescue Toolkit. Both the Technician and Lite versions are available now for download! This is one of the most ambitious releases to date. I have added multi-lingual support, the ability to customize, and other stuff! I know the toolkit is already pretty popular worldwide and while I don’t expect any massive surge of downloads, I really want to prepare. Just in case it explodes due to language support. Most Notable Changes Multiple language support, with autodetection, for the following languages: [ar] Arabic, [cs] Czech, [da] Danish, [de] German, [en] English, [es] Spanish, [fr] French, [he] Hebrew, [hi] Hindi, [hu] Hungarian, [it] Italian, [ja] Japanese, [ko] Korean, [nl] Dutch, [pt] Portuguese, [ru] Russian, [sv] Swedish, [th] Thai, [tr] Turkish, [vi] Vietnamese, [zh] Chinese (Simplified). Please forgive any bad translations, we had a few volunteers but the rest was copy and paste from Google Translate. There is a button inside the toolkit to suggest translation fixes. Customization of the toolkit on USBs. Add your own apps, set the startup language MD5 file integrity checks when ...
5/5 2,581 Jan 03, 2018
Paul Bryan Vreeland
All in One – System Rescue Toolkit LiveCD 2018-01-02
==Official Mirror== All in One – System Rescue Toolkit LiveCD 2018-01-02 This utility disc is designed to quickly and efficiently aid a technician with troubleshooting and repairing Windows based PCs. The All in One – System Rescue Toolkit is designed to work with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10. It has also been used with Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2016. The live CD bootable environment works with GNU/Linux and newer Macs as well. 2018-01-02 Changelog LiveCD updated to latest 16.04.3 Lubuntu LTS added exfat support added sensors and acpi support for conky desktop info added temperature sensors to CPU stress test added nwipe secure disk eraser confirmed proper EFI support. Nothing changed, received rare reports of EFI boot issues
5/5 1,604 Jan 03, 2018
Paul Vreeland
NetAdapter Repair All In One 1.2
NetAdapter Repair All In One 1.2 NetAdapter Repair is an All In One program that allows a user to effectively troubleshoot and repair common problems with windows networking adapters. Repair Buttons and Additional Tools: Advanced Repair (WinSock/TCP IP Repair, Clear all Proxy/VPN Settings, Windows Firewall Repair) Release and Renew DHCP Address Clear Host File Clear Static IP Settings (enable DHCP) Change to Google DNS Flush DNS Cache Clear ARP/Route Table NetBIOS Reload and Release Internet Options - Clear SSL State Enable LAN Adapters Enable Wireless Adapters Reset Internet Options Security/Privacy Set Network Windows Services Default
0/5 3,249 Jul 18, 2014
Conner Bernhard
one after another
one after another one after another is a horror game made for the #asylumjam. You wake up in an abandoned research facility, not knowing how you got there. You must search the dreaded halls for the way out and find an answer for this mystery. No one knows what could lie within the darkness. Only one thing is for sure: everything is real.
5/5 1,137 Feb 16, 2016
Elisha Ramos
XBox One Controller Battery Indicator 1.2.0
XBox One Controller Battery Indicator 1.2.0 A tray application that shows a battery indicator for an Xbox-ish controller and gives a notification when the battery level drops to (almost) empty. It was originally written for the XBox One controller since Microsoft dropped all visual hints for low battery, but it should work with any gamepad that can be addressed via XInput (which should be all controllers that work in XBox-controller-enabled games). Download link for a "ready to run" version at the bottom of this page! (The green download button at the top is for the source code package) When more than one controller is present, the tray icon will cycle through the status display every 5 seconds. When a controller reaches low battery level, a notification is displayed. Controllers reported as working/being recognized so far: XBOne + dongle XBOne Elite + dongle XBOne S + dongle XBOne S + Bluetooth XB360 Currently known issues/limitations: initial recognition of a newly connected controller can take a while. It will be displayed as "waiting for battery level data" at first but should switch to battery level after ~10 seconds and a button press. (This might be a limitation of the XInput API.) Changes: 1.2.0 Notification working (again), autostart with windows and check for new version. Windows 10 1709 broke the toast notification implemented in version 1.1.0. After a lot of digging through microsofts documentations it is now working again. But thanks to this rework the toast now stays until battery level returns to normal (or until you tell it to shut up ;) ). New in this version: built-in option to start with windows and an (optional) check if a newer version is available. If you created an autostart shortcut yourself, please delete it before enabling the built-in ...
5/5 528 Jan 23, 2018
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