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Super Mega Man 3
Super Mega Man 3 In the year 20XX, the world is at peace, until Bass tries to change that! With 8 robots stolen from Dr. Wily, he attempts world domination! Dr. Wily, being out of house and robots (except Alto, his helper robot), he pleads for the assistance of Mega Man and Protoman to stop Bass's plans on world domination! Can Mega Man and Protoman defeat Bass and all eight robot masters? You decide, in Super Mega Man 3! Controls: in game: <Z> - jump <X> - shoot Hold <X> - charge <Left> - move left <Right> - move right <Up> - move up ladders <Down> - move down ladders <Down> + <Z> - slide <A> - Quick toggle left <S> - Quick toggle right <Enter> - Pause Menu in menu/stage select: <Shift> - Switch between characters on stage select <Enter/Z> - buy/start stage/go to selected room <X> - go back to menu F1 - 256 by 224 screen resolution F2 - 512 by 448 screen resolution F3 - 768 by 672 screen resolution F4 - 1024 by 896 screen resolution F5 - full screen mode F6 - Reset the game (in case it glitches up) Mega Man and all related content are owned and copyrighted by CAPCOM.
5/5 6,323 Mar 01, 2016
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