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Last Update/Developer
GPU Caps Viewer v1.58.0.1
GPU Caps Viewer v1.58.0.1 OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA APIs and graphics card / GPU information utility GPU Caps Viewer is an OpenGL and OpenCL graphics card utility for Windows. Features: • quick view of the graphics configuration (graphics card / GPU type, amount of video memory, drivers version) • display of the main OpenGL capabilities (OpenGL version, texture size, number of texture units, etc.) • display of OpenCL API support and extensions. • display of the OpenGL extensions supported by your graphics card or display of all existing OpenGL extensions no matter what graphics card you have. For each extension, you can open its description webpage available at the OpenGL Extension Registry or at NVIDIA's OpenGL Extensions spec. Very handy for graphics developers! • display of NVIDIA CUDA level support • display of the system configuration: CPU type and speed, amount of systeme memory, operating system, PhysX version • display of the GPU core temperature • GPU Burner or Stability Test: allows to overheat the GPU in order to test the graphics card stability. You can start several stress test demos in the same time in order to make your graphics card working to the maximum. • list of links related to your graphics card: graphics drivers and graphics cards reviews. These links are regularly updated. • full report in text and XML format. This kind of report is useful for developers who needs an outline of the customer graphics system (for support purposes for example). • graphics card validation: your graphics card data is sent to oZone3D.Net server and in return you receive a link on the validation ...
5/5 942 Feb 03, 2023
GPU Shark v0.29.0.0
GPU Shark v0.29.0.0 GPU monitoring utility for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards GPU Shark is a simple, lightweight and free GPU monitoring tool, based on ZoomGPU, for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards. GPU Shark is available for Microsoft Windows only. GPU Shark offers a global view of all your graphics cards in a single window. It can display, for every GPU, the clock speeds (GPU core, memory), fillrates, performance states (or PStates), GPU fan speed, GPU/memory/MCU usage and power consumption (NVIDIA). NEWS GPU Shark 0.29 comes with the support of Radeon RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT as well as the support of the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti. Several RTX 40 GPUs for laptop have been added too. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,814 Feb 02, 2023
SIS 6215A GPU Windows 95 Driver
SIS 6215A GPU Windows 95 Driver. This is for version A of the SIS 6215. Works with Windows 95.
0/5 8,249 Apr 01, 2009
SIS 6215B GPU Windows 95 Driver
SIS 6215B GPU Windows 95 Driver. This is for version B of the SIS 6215. Works with Windows 95.
0/5 8,269 Apr 01, 2009
SIS 6215C GPU Windows 95 Driver
SIS 6215C GPU Windows 95 Driver. This is for version C of the SIS 6215. Works with Windows 95.
0/5 8,276 Apr 01, 2009
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