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Firewing 64 v2.1.0
Firewing 64 v2.1.0 A 3D platforming game set in the style of a Nintendo 64 title. You control Firewing, a dragon tasked with collecting all of the Peace Crystal fragments. To do so will require exploration, collectibles, mini-games, and of course, platforming! This game was originally started as a side project of mine as I wanted to try recreating a Nintendo 64-style title. It was then left alone for a number of months until one day I decided to adjust the scope of it (or else it likely never would have been finished) to fit in to a single level. This gave me the motivation to finish it (albeit it with basic menus and a very simplistic story) but still deliver that Nintendo 64 feel! Features Loads of items to collect! Large, expansive level with a variety of gameplay! Mini-games, which includes kart racing! An offering of nostalgia 32/64-bit platforming fans long for! New in version 2 All new (translation: better) textures Smoothing groups added to geometry The jump height is now dependent on how long the player holds down the jump button Player controls were refined to reduce button usage The game is now saved after collecting a crystal fragment Settings and button mappings are now saved automatically as well Added footstep and gliding sounds Changed a handful of things in the main level including adding a new type of enemy Added the ability to control the camera with the mouse Miscellaneous bug fixes Firewing 64 v1.0 Trailer - Indie DB Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,121 Feb 17, 2019
Studio Besus
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