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FeenPhone v0.4.6217.1357
FeenPhone v0.4.6217.1357 Free software for radio and podcasters in different locations: FeenPhone sounds MUCH better than Skype or anything. FeenPhone sounds much better than Skype, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Blink, Ventrilo, Google Hangouts, mobile phones or landlines. . MicBulletPointSmaller FeenPhone is no-cost software that opens up a global world of possibilities for real-time high-quality voice media production, or simply conversation, over any distance. . MicBulletPointSmaller Before FeenPhone, there has never been a way to do ultra-high-quality full-duplex decentralized talk communication in real time for free. FeenPhone does all this, and you can start using it today. LIST OF IMPROVEMENTS: Made the vertical slider buttons bigger (twice as wide and twice as high). Makes them easier to grab in a hurry. You can now copy and paste text and URLs from text chat window. Updated BipCot NoGov license to add “mailman exception.” Default buffer target increased from 100ms to 150 ms. Less likely to have drop outs. (If you and the people you’re connecting with have VERY solid internet connections, you can lower this to 100 or even 50, and you’ll have less latency, which is good.) Sending bad packets no longer crashes network. It only disconnects user sending the bad packets. Made automatic re-connect an option. Made automatic re-connect default OFF. After disconnect and reconnect, sliders stay at the setting they were at before disconnect. If the user gets disconnected, since the automatic re-dial option is off by default, a zany sound plays when user is disconnected, so you don’t keep talking live on radio when you are not connected. This is good because otherwise people will talk for minutes to no one but themselves when they think they’re still ...
5/5 2,967 May 19, 2019
FeenPhone Team
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