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Delete ALL Temp
Delete ALL Temp This script will delete temporary files in all user accounts including the Windows Temp folder. To run it, unzip it anywhere (not to a temp folder, obvies) and right click DELALLTEMP.cmd and run as administrator. Note: There will be no questions asked, the script will just begin. Also, while running you will see a lot of Access Denied errors. This is normal. These are just temp files the script cannot delete because they are being used by running processes. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 429 Apr 01, 2021
Delete Empty v1.0
Delete Empty v1.0 A command-line utility to remove or review empty files and folders on a Windows/Windows Server computer. Here are the options: DelEmpty.exe OPTIONS [PATH] -f delete files of size zero -d delete empty directories -v verbose mode -c confirm mode (Shows what was deleted) -s include sub directories -l list what would be deleted (Will not delete) -y delete without (y/n) prompt So, for example, if we wanted to remove all empty folders from c:\DataFolder, including sub folders – We would call it like this: DelEmpty.exe -d -s c:\datafolder If you wanted it to delete them without prompting you: DelEmpty.exe -d -s -y c:\datafolder Better yet, if we wanted to see what it would delete before taking any action: DelEmpty.exe -d -s -l c:\datafolder Finally, we can also remove any files that have a zero size too using the -f option: DelEmpty.exe -d -s -y -f c:\datafolder Please – Please be careful with this utility. It only deletes empty files and folders, but it is always possible that you have a program that *needs* those empty folders. So make sure you throughly test before using it.
5/5 1,251 Feb 21, 2020
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