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Router Default Password v1.0
Router Default Password v1.0 Every device connected to a network must have an unique IP address to differentiate it from the others. An IP address is similar to the unique telephone number on your home phone or mobile device. No other device on your network (unless you are using NAT) will have the same IP address. In order for a sending device to transmit data to a receiving device, the sender needs to know where the destination is. The destination will either be on the same subnetwork as the source, or on some other subnetwork. If the devices are in the same subnet, the mechanism used to determine the location of the destination device is the broadcast. But what happens if they are on different networks? This is where the default gateway comes into play. The default gateway is used as the destination of all traffic that is not on the same subnet. You might need to know the IP address of the default gateway if there’s a network problem or if you need to make changes to your router. In Microsoft Windows, the IP address of a computer’s default gateway can be accessed through Command Prompt with the ipconfig command, as well as through the Control Panel. The netstat and ip route commands are used on macOS and Linux for finding the default gateway address. If you haven’t bothered to go in and make changes to your network settings, you may find that you can still access the admin panel using that information. To be able to do that though, you need to know how to find the IP address , default Username and default Password of your router. Here is “Router default Password” Utility come in handy ,it is a Portable freeware. How to use it : 1. Download Router Defauld ...
5/5 581 Feb 22, 2018
EXE - Set Windows Services To Default Startup 2.8.8 - Set Windows Services To Default Startup 2.8.8 This will set the Windows services to their default startup state. This will set the services startup by the "sc config" command and not by the registry. This tool is also a part of Windows Repair (All In One). Here is the current service list this repair sets. AeLookupSvc = demand Alerter = disabled ALG = demand AllUserInstallAgent = demand AppHostSvc = auto AppIDSvc = demand Appinfo = demand AppMgmt = demand aspnet_state = demand AudioEndpointBuilder = auto AudioSrv = auto AxInstSV = demand BDESVC = demand BFE = auto BITS = auto bthserv = demand CertPropSvc = demand ClipSrv = disabled COMSysApp = demand CryptSvc = auto CscService = auto DcomLaunch = auto defragsvc = demand DeviceAssociationService = demand DeviceInstall = demand DFSR = demand Dhcp = auto dmadmin = demand dmserver = auto Dnscache = auto Dot3svc = demand DPS = auto DsmSVC = demand DsRoleSvc = demand EapHost = demand EFS = demand ehRecvr = demand ehSched = demand EMDMgmt = auto ERSvc = auto EventLog = auto EventSystem = auto FastUserSwitchingCompatibility = demand Fax = demand FCRegSvc = demand fdPHost = demand fhsvc = demand FontCache = auto FontCache3.0.0.0 = demand gpsvc = auto helpsvc = auto hidserv = demand hkmsvc = demand HomeGroupListener = demand HTTPFilter = demand idsvc = demand IKEEXT = demand ImapiService = demand IPBusEnum = demand iphlpsvc = auto KeyIso = demand KtmRm = demand LanmanServer = auto LanmanWorkstation = auto lltdsvc = demand lmhosts = auto LPDSVC = auto LSM = auto Mcx2Svc = disabled Messenger = disabled MMCSS = auto mnmsrvc = demand MpsSvc = auto MSDTC = demand MSiSCSI = demand msiserver = demand napagent = demand NetDDE = disabled NetDDEdsdm = disabled Netlogon = demand Netman = demand NetMsmqActivator = auto NetPipeActivator = auto netprofm = demand NetTcpActivator = auto NetTcpPortSharing = disabled Nla = demand NlaSvc = auto nsi = auto NtLmSsp = demand NtmsSvc = demand p2pimsvc = demand p2psvc = demand PeerDistSvc = demand PerfHost = demand pla = demand PlugPlay = auto PNRPAutoReg = demand PNRPsvc = demand Power = auto ProfSvc = auto QWAVE = demand RasAuto = demand RasMan = demand RDSessMgr = demand RemoteAccess = disabled RpcEptMapper = auto RpcLocator = demand RpcSs = auto RSoPProv = demand RSVP = demand sacsvr = demand SamSs = auto SCardSvr = demand Schedule = auto SCPolicySvc = demand SDRSVC = demand SENS = auto SensrSvc = demand SessionEnv = demand ShellHWDetection = auto simptcp ...
5/5 4,440 Sep 02, 2017
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