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Last Update/Developer
DDNS Updater v0.1.3
DDNS Updater v0.1.3 DDNS Updater checks for changes to the external IP address of a Microsoft Windows computer, and updates a dynamic DNS (DDNS) service whenever a change is detected. DDNS Updater has the following features: Compatible with a large number of DDNS services, thanks to a configurable HTTP API Minimizes API calls, e.g. by persistent caching of the IP address and local IP matching Configurable check and update intervals Works with IPv4 and IPv6 (including dual-stack) Able to send email when the detected IP address changes Runs as a Windows service, so that updating occurs even when no-one is logged in Completely free of charge with no adware or spyware No transmission/collection of data Dynamic DNS API Logging Email notification Changes: Version 0.1.3 adds an 'Apply' button so that updates can be forced manually. Timer behavior is changed so that an update is performed sooner when the service starts. Updated OpenSSL so that HTTPS SNI is supported, and %IP% variable is supported in the check URL in addition to the update URL. MD5: 2453eafae7644878abf45cbc098ee813 Installation Download and run the .msi file to install DDNS Updater. After installation, you're presented with the option to configure DDNS Updater. At its simplest, you only need to enter a value for the IPv4 (or IPv6) update URL and save the settings, then DDNS Updater should work. DDNS API External check URL DDNS Updater polls a URL to check whether your external IP address has changed. Any URL which returns your current IP address should work. To do an IPv6 check, enclose the host in square brackets, e.g. http://[]. If blank, DDNS Updater will cycle through a built-in list of URLs to find one ...
5/5 2,383 Sep 12, 2019
Wombat Holdings, Inc.
Google DDNS Updater v2
Google DDNS Updater v2 Auto update Google Domain Dynamic DNS (DDNS) services IP address . Description V2 Beta Features: (Release on 18/07/2016) - Apply to Google Domain Dynamic DNS (DDNS) services - Support to update 3 domains as the same time - Provide 2 servers to get the external IP address - Auto update in specified minutes (Max:10000 Mins) - Able to minimize to system tray - Able to Save or Load the settings - Able to Save Log as txt file Changes between V1.0.0.0 (Released on 18/07/2016) and V2 Beta - Supported number of domain from 1 domain increase to 3 domains - Update and add one more servers for getting the external IP address - Open the settings for user to specified the interval of auto update - Fix the minimize to system tray function - More details log - Add save log as txt file function
5/5 4,070 Nov 15, 2019
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