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DAR (Disk ARchive) v2.7.13
DAR (Disk ARchive) v2.7.13 A command-line backup and archiving tool that uses selective compression (not compressing already compressed files), strong encryption, may split an archive in different files of given size and provides on-fly hashing, supports differential backup with or without binary delta, ftp and sftp protocols to remote cloud storage. Archive internal's catalog, allows very quick restoration even a single file from a huge, eventually sliced, compressed, encrypted archive eventually located on a remote cloud storage, by only reading/fetching the necessary data to perform the operation. Dar saves *all* UNIX inode types, takes care of hard links, sparse files as well as Extended Attributes (MacOS X file forks, Linux ACL, SELinux tags, user attributes) and some Filesystem Specific Attributes (Linux ext2/3/4, Mac OS X HFS+) Features Archiving/backup Integrated compression (gzip, bzip2, lzo, xz/lzma) and encryption Public key encryption (PGP) and strong encryption (AES, twofish, blowfish, serpent, camellia) Sliced archive in files of requested size Arbitrarily large file backup and archive creation Full/incremental/differential/decremental backup binary delta available when performing incremental/differential backups Handle any type of inode (directory, plain files, special devices, symlinks, named pipes, sockets, doors...) Hardlink support for plain files, special devies, softlinks, named pipes, Sparse file detection and restoration Extended Attributes support (including Linux ACL and MacOS X File Forks) Fast restoration of files even from compressed and/or encrypted archive native sftp and ftp protocols support to use remote cloud storage Support for tape (sequential reading mode) Table contents isolation for use as differential backup or if archive corruption occurred On-fly md5, ...
5/5 2,490 Dec 22, 2023
Denis Corbin
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