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Crypto Notepad v1.4.0
Crypto Notepad v1.4.0 Notepad-like simple text editor for Windows, where files are saved and loaded encrypted with AES algorithms. Features Drag and Drop support Detect URLs and email links Fully customizable editor. Able to customize the colors and fonts Able to customize different parameters of the encryption (hash algorithm, key size, password iterations) Included all the features of the default Windows Notepad Association with the application extension Easily search through the content System requirements Windows Vista SP2 and higher .NET Framework 4.5 License Distributed under MIT license v1.4.0 (2019-01-08) added Redo function in the editor. added New icons added Icons in the main menu (optional). added Able to make toolbar color like editor background color. fixed Vertical scroll bar position shifted #17 fixed Right-to-left reading work incorrect #18 fixed Change Key and Lock toolbar icons was inactive. fixed Returned missing backward compatibility for decryption with custom salt. fixed Issue when file name on Save/Open was incorrect or empty. improved Undo function for editor. improved Settings window. dev Added debug menu. dev Source code now is more readable. dev All elements and variables now have more clear names (no more button1 textBox2 names and etc). dev Сhanged work logic of most functions. dev Project was moved to own company dev Updater was moved to own repo dev Simplified some variables. Click here to visit the author's ...
5/5 564 Jan 09, 2019
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