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Crossword Designer v1.6
Crossword Designer v1.6 Free program to design crossword puzzles. A tool to help you design crosswords by hand, though there are automated functions to suggest words, or even fill in grids. You create a grid, add clues by hand, then use the cut and paste tools to transfer to a wordprocessing or other desktop publishing package. So a nice tool for education, if you're running a club magazine or parish newsletter, or similar use. You can transfer files in the semi-standard xpf format, supported by some other crossword-editing software. Basic use Crossword Designer is very simple to use. Use the arrow keys or the mouse to move the green square cursor over the crossword, then press a letter key to generate a letter, the space key to generate a space, or the delete/backspace key to generate a black square. Numbering and clue numbering is done automatically. When you are happy with the grid, fill in the clues. To create crosswords with a theme, for example on the reading of the day for a church magazine, the hand-generated method is probably the best way. Auto fill Crossword construction software wouldn't be crossword construction software without an auto-fill method. Crosword Designer lets you choose the word difficulty level. It then auto-fill any empty spaces on the grid, when you select "Fill grid" from the edit menu. English-style crosswords usually auto-fill almost instantaneously. American-style grids with densely-interlocking words are much more challenging. Try to choose a grid which has separate regions with only one or two connections between them, and not too many long words. Or try filling in some of the longer words, which you have to do for "theme" entries anyway. Also, set the word difficulty to "very rare". This will generate a crossword with some very obscure words, which is a feature of American-style ...
5/5 1,227 Aug 01, 2022
Malcolm McLean
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