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Celeste v2.0
Celeste v2.0 Add shooting stars to your Minecraft server! Celeste is a simple plugin that adds shooting stars to your Minecraft server. Inspired by the shooting stars from Animal Crossing and the falling stars from Breath of the Wild, this plugin brings some celestial ambience to your Minecraft world. Features Add shooting stars to the night sky, with configurable frequency Find rare falling stars that deliver precious materials in a sparkling package Watch meteor showers that occur every new moon, increasing the rate of shooting and falling stars Shooting stars Shooting stars occur once every 10 seconds by default (6 times a minute), but due to how large the area around a player is, you would usually only see one every few minutes unless you were stargazing. They have no functional purpose and are only there to sparkle and look pretty. To more accurately emulate real world meteors, these virtual shooting stars vary in speed, length, and can even break up into multiple parts while burning up! Falling stars Inspired by the star fragments from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, these rare stars are fall from the sky only once or twice a night! They are marked by a streak of light and resonating sound as they fall towards the earth, and once they land the stars spark and sizzle for 10 seconds by default to help players find them. They can be easy to miss, with players only knowing one has fallen by the distinctly resonating sound they make on impact. But if a player is lucky enough to find one, they may receive a rare treasure as well as some experience! This loot is completely customizable, and the documentation for that can be found further below. In-Depth Functionality Shooting stars and falling stars ...
5/5 1,361 Sep 08, 2022
Idrees Hassan
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