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Booville v1.0
Booville v1.0 A free car race simulator game for casual gamers, based on TORCS. Booville is a free car race simulator game for casual gamers. An unpretentious game that includes some uncoventional tracks and a sensibility different from any other race car simulator. The program will run on just about any computer running Windows. No expensive gaming system required. Racing and driving in Booville are relatively easy and fun. Features Simple graphics allow booville to run on low power computers 47 tracks and over 50 cars Accurate physics with a natural feel Emphasis on fun factor The only real simulator exclusively made for the casual gamer Polite robot opponents with good collision avoidance skills This download is for the game. If you want additional tracks, go here. Quick start: 1. Download Booville. 2. Copy the file to your home directory. 3. Extract the files from You should have a booville directory in your home directory. 4. Change directory to booville. 5. Run boo.exe. 6. If you want to add a shortcut to boo.exe on the desktop, right click on the desktop and select new->shortcut. Enter the full path to boo.exe. You should see a ghost icon on your desktop. (His name is Gus) 7. Once booville has started, select 'Race' then 'Just Drive' then 'New Race'. You can press 'F1' for help. The default controls for the car are: The mouse controls the steering. 'b' is the throttle. 'v' is the brake. 'r' is reverse. Hit 'f' twice to get back to first gear. ...
5/5 526 Oct 29, 2020
Brian Martin
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