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IzPack 5.1.2
IzPack 5.1.2 IzPack is a widely used tool for packaging applications on the Java™ platform. Easily make installers that work seamlessly on Microsoft Windows™, Linux™, Solaris™ and Mac OS X™. Keep your users happy just right before they get their hands on your software for the first time. Opensource, since 2001 IzPack is published under the terms of the Apache Software License, Version 2.0, meaning that you can adapt it to your needs with very minimal constraints. IzPack is developed by a community of benevolent contributors. Customizable IzPack does not predefine a rigid installation canvas. You can freely pick the elements that you would like to assemble. You can choose how your installer should look like. Oh, and you can always extend it shall you not find the features you would be looking for! Cross-platform The very same installer works on any operating system where a Java SE™ 6+ virtual machine exists. IzPack-generated installers also provide optional native integration such as creating desktop shortcuts, manipulating a system registry or switching to an administrator account during the installation. IzPack 5.1.2 released Posted:2017-08-13 07:16:30 UTC-07:00 Dear community, release 5.1.2 of our latest stable branch is available now. There has been quite a long time of silence, so I'd like to renew development with a clean state and honour all contributors by publishing their precious work results. Highlights: Improved field processors by adding the ability to store results in different variables to avoid manipulating the original field variable. Failures can now be ignored in ProcessPanel. Better support for Windows UNC paths. Bug fixes This release adds the following list of changes in particular: Improvement [IZPACK-1013] - ProcessPanel - add job switch to ignore failures [IZPACK-1568] - Allow several field processors and store the result in separate ...
5/5 476 Aug 23, 2017
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