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TempleOS 5.01
TempleOS 5.01 TempleOS is a x86_64, multi-cored, non-preemptive multi-tasking, ring-0-only, single-address_mapped (identity-mapped), operating system for recreational programming. Paging is almost not used. The people whom can most benefit are: * Professionals doing hobby projects * Teenagers doing projects * Non-professional, older-persons projects Simplicity is a goal to keep the line count down, so it's easy to tinker with. As it turns-out, simplicity makes it faster in some ways, too. It never switches privilege levels, never changes address maps, tends to load whole contiguous files and other, similar things which boost speed. It's only 80,590 lines of code including the kernel, the 64-bit compiler, the graphics library and all the tools. More importantly, it's designed to keep the user's line count down -- you can do a Hello World application in one line of code and can put graphics on the screen with a three line program! It's a kayak, not a Titanic -- it will crash if you do something wrong. You quickly reboot, however. DOS and the 8-bit home computers of the 80's worked fine without memory protection and most computers in the world -- the embedded ones -- operate without protection. The resulting simplicity of no protections is why TempleOS has value. In facts, that's the point of TempleOS. This download is an .ISO file which needs to be burned to CD/DVD. You can boot it directly. * Oracle in program, AfterEgypt, for tongues. * x86_64, ring-0-only, single-address-map (identity), multitasking kernel with multicore support. * Master/Slave MultiCore * Free, public domain, 100% open source. * 64-bit compiler/assembler for HolyC. Truly compiles, doesn't interpret. Just -in-Time and Ahead-of-Time compilation. With JIT, no need for object or exe files. * No 32-bit krufty code. * 640x480 16 color VGA graphics. * Keyboard & Mouse support. * ATA PIO ...
5/5 6,132 Jan 11, 2017
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