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FreeMove 1.5.0
FreeMove 1.5.0 Move directories (even from one drive to another) freely without breaking installations or shortcuts If a program installs on C:\ by default or you want to move the installation folder of a program to somewhere else without breaking it you can use this program. How It works The files are moved to the new location A directory junction is created from the old location to the new one. This way trying to access a file from its old location will simply redirect to the new one Usage Run the executable and use the GUI If you want to move from or to a directory, like those contained in C:\Program Files, which requires administrative privileges, run the program as an administrator or it won't work! Recommendations You should not move important system directories as they can break core functionalities like Windows Update and Windows Store Apps. C:\Users - C:\Documents and Settings - C:\Program Files - C:\Program Files (x86) should not be moved. If you wish to do It anyway do it at your own risk. To move the directory back refer to the last part of the readme. However moving directories contained in the previously mentioned directories should not cause any problem. So you are free to move C:\Program Files\HugeProgramIDontWantOnMySSD without any problem. Uninstalling moved programs To uninstall you a program you should proceed as you would do normally without deleting the junction. This way the uninstaller will delete all the files It needs to (even if they are in the new location) and leave the junction file and an empty directory where you moved the program which you can choose to delete manually or not (they take up almost no space) Moving back a program Delete the junction (this won't delete the content) in the old position and move the directory back to its original ...
5/5 572 Jul 12, 2018
Luca imDema
ImgDrive 1.5.0
ImgDrive 1.5.0 ImgDrive is a application for users who need a simple, reliable drive emulator that enables them to mount disc image files saved to various formats. It is very easy to use and does a good job of staying out of your way, as it rests in the system tray and is integrated into the Windows context menu. Features Use CD/DVD/BD images directly at 200X speed without the actual CD/DVD/BD One-click mounting of ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS/MDF, CCD, ISZ images Mount APE, FLAC, WAV, WavPack, TTA file as AUDIO CD Support up to 7 virtual drives at the same time Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 Support multi session disc image (CCD/MDS/NRG) ImgDrive is freeware, you may use it at no cost Support File Type .CCD - CloneCD image files .CUE - Cue sheets files of APE/FLAC/TTA/WAV/WV/BIN .ISO - Standard ISO image files .ISZ - Compressed ISO image files .MDS - Media descriptor image files .NRG - Nero image files What's new Version 1.5.0 2018-07-19 New 64-bit+32-bit combined exe for Portable Version Update language files Many minor changes
5/5 593 Jul 20, 2018
Super Tower Rush for Mac 1.5.0
Super Tower Rush for Mac 1.5.0 Rush down the tower as much as you can before the deadly spikes catch you! Controls: Keyboard : Arrow keys or WASD. Joystick: Navigation buttons and jump button.
5/5 1,153 Mar 13, 2017
÷mer Akyol
Super Tower Rush for Windows 1.5.0
Super Tower Rush for Windows 1.5.0 Rush down the tower as much as you can before the deadly spikes catch you! Controls: Keyboard : Arrow keys or WASD. Joystick: Navigation buttons and jump button.
5/5 1,167 Mar 13, 2017
÷mer Akyol
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