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AntiWebMiner AntiWebMiner protects your PC against web cryptocurrency miners (JS scripts like Coinhive executed in the browser) by modifying Windows hosts file. Why? The coin mining in a browser using scripts like Coinhive is a real problem for everyone. These scripts may cause your browsers working slow or fully unresponsive, drain a battery of your notebook. Any webmaster may add only one line to a code of website to start monetizing by coin mining. AntiWebMiner blocks scripts using a "blacklist" database of hosts like "Coinhive". AntiWebMiner modifies a Windows hosts file for disabling connection attempts to "blacklisted" sites. Benefits! This protection works for all browers. You don't need to install a browser extension. Features: AntiWebMiner includes automatical updater of the blacklisted sites. Free! AntiWebMiner is an open source software, license by Apache 2.0.
5/5 604 Aug 09, 2018
Greatis Software
Free VPN Test
Free VPN Test Free program to detect DNS traffic and IP leaks from your VPN. What DNS traffic is your VPN leaking? Your computer uses DNS to lookup the location of web sites and services in order to connect to them. Even if you use a proxy or VPN, your DNS traffic can still be exposed. Your ISP, governments, WiFi hotspot providers and other users on your WiFi hotspot can all see your DNS requests.
5/5 154 Aug 13, 2018
Free VPN Test
Ping GUI
Ping GUI PingGUI is a tool to ping one or multiple ip addresses and websites. Multiple destinations can be pinged simultaneously. The ping time will be shown in a graph and as text. Features: - ping ip addresses and websites - ping multiple destinations simulaneously - scan ip address range like 192.168.178.* - destinations can be saved in a list - timeout value can be entered - ping times (roundtrip) are shown in a graph and as text - destination(s) can be pinged continuously (a delay time can be entered) - connections can be kept alive - a trace route (tracert) can be done on multiple hosts by 1 click - an ip configuration (ipconfig) can be done by 1 click - results can be written to text or cvs file - using the settings window the default settings can be changed such as window size Version - changed: new executable compiled to reduce the number of false positives - improved: minor optimization
5/5 556 Sep 21, 2018
Peter Verbeek
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