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Last Update/Developer
File Access Monitor 1.0.2
File Access Monitor 1.0.2 File Access Monitor is a multipurpose tool that monitors access to your files and provides detailed history of who read, wrote and manipulated them. SoftPerfect File Access Monitor can be used on a file server to track network users activity, as well as on a local computer where it will track local users file access. It is similar in nature to Windows auditing features yet is much easier to use and provides flexible reporting capabilities and notifications. Key features Monitors file actions: creating, moving, deleting, reading and writing to files. Records remote user access to shared folders. Keeps track of local users as to what files they access. Features a powerful filter system to include or exclude certain activities. Self-contained, doesnít require a database server alongside. Supported platforms Windows XP through Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 through 2012 32-bit and 64-bit Changelog: 2016-10-10 1.0.2 This software is now freeware.
5/5 5,124 Dec 14, 2016
Gifferly 1.0.2
Gifferly 1.0.2 Gifferly captures the screen under it's window to a GIF file. There are options to control when to end the capture, how to down sample the colours and whether to include the cursor or not. Translations: Language Code Age Author(s) English (en) [Native] Matthew Allen Greek (el) 10 Dec 2014 Changes: 1.0.2 Fixed an optimized palette generation bug. Greek translation update.
5/5 5,861 Jan 17, 2017
Matthew Allen
KryptoFiler 1.0.2
KryptoFiler 1.0.2 Encrypt and decrypt files, documents, and archives through major cryptographic standards, including, TripleDES, Blowfish, TwoFish, Cast128, DES, Ice, Ice2, RC2, RC4, RijnDael, Serpent, Tea, Thin Ice. Features: Strong encryption : Support for cryptographic standards, TripleDES, Blowfish, TwoFish, Cast128, DES, Ice, Ice2, RC2, RC4, RijnDael, Serpent, Tea, Thin Ice. Hash data through various secure algorithms including Haval 256, MD4, MD5, RipeMD-128, RipeMd-160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, Tiger. Using 'salts' in order to defend against dictionary attacks versus a list of password hashes and against pre-computed rainbow table attacks. Encrypt & Decrypt Large Files. OS: Windows Xp/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10. What's New version 1.0.2 : added drag and drop
0/5 5,851 Sep 29, 2015
3nity Softwares
The Get Up 1.0.2
The Get Up 1.0.2 You are in ancient Egypt where you are the god who ensures the biggest pyramid ever gets build through the might of physics and some help of those lazy humans. Grab your slaves, roll those wood and push some stones. But keep your slaves from getting stoned! How high can you get? Controls: Drag and drop things with your Mouse Let go while dragging to throw things Use Space to restart Also fully playable in Virtual Reality with the Vive! See the in-game instructions for all the controls. Edit: VR was broken in 1.0.1 and is now fixed again in 1.0.2 Instructions: Make sure there are always wood logs in front of your stones Let more stones fall on your logs by clicking on the stones hanging of cranes But beware for every stone you need at least one more slave put in the back Tips: Drag out palms for 2 extra wood Use the water in vase to put out hot coal which can burn your wood Keep everything in balance
5/5 5,007 Mar 11, 2017
Treasures of Ali-Gar 1.0.2
Treasures of Ali-Gar 1.0.2 In Treasures of Ali-Gar you take on the role of a good wizard who has chosen to explore a castle. Not just any castle. This is the "abandoned" castle of the great (and terrible) Wizard Ali-Gar. Many years have passed since Ali-Gar was driven from the land by the combined might of the High Wizards and the Knights of Light. All that remains of Ali-Gar is his aging castle. Rumors tell of great riches waiting in the castle for the brave adventurer to find. And of evil forces left begin to guard the treasure. Can you claim all of the treasure? Play Treasures of Ali-Gar to find out!
5/5 5,002 Dec 31, 2016
Gar Benjamin - System Information 1.0.2
==Official Mirror== - System Information - System Information is designed to pull information about your system in the fastest possible way. This small application can identify your computers hardware, software, startup items, processes and more in seconds and requires no installation. There are 3 levels of details the program can provide. Basic: Basic mode will pull only the basic info for each section. Moderate: Moderate will pull even more information than basic. Advanced: Advanced will pull all possible information for each section.
0/5 8,703 Dec 21, 2013
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