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Shallot 0.96.2514
Shallot 0.96.2514 Shallot is a file manager with the maximum degree of flexibility and customizability. Some features: Unlimited number of file panels Lots of customization options, e.g. directory tree can be hidden and is flexible in behavior lots of view options program behavior ... while conserving a good usability It nicely works with convoluted file systems, like editing an image in an archive in another archive on a network drive. It has a plugin interface which allows one to implement many additional functionality (like new filesystems) with Python scripting, without any compiler hassles. Using Shallot Beginning Whenever you start Shallot, you see the main window, which is assembled by the following parts: An action bar on the top: A lot of buttons which can trigger some actions. The main menu is also here ('three horizontal bars' icon). The address bar: See the current directory path and navigate upwards to the breadcrumbs or enter a new location. The directory tree on the left: A tree view of the filesystem(s) for easy navigation in wild directory hierarchies. The file view on the right: Shows the content of the current directory. There might be more than just one of this views (if you configure it this way). A status bar on the bottom: Comes up when it wants to tell you somethings. The general usage is not very different from other general purpose file managers. This text will not go that deep into it: Navigate to filesystem ...
5/5 541 Jun 09, 2017
Josef Hahn
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