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alda v1.3.1 (MacOS/Linux)
alda v1.3.1 (MacOS/Linux) A music programming language for musicians. New to Alda? You may be interested in reading this blog post as an introduction. Inspired by other music/audio programming languages such as PPMCK, LilyPond and ChucK, Alda aims to be a powerful and flexible programming language for the musician who wants to easily compose and generate music on the fly, using only a text editor. Alda is designed in a way that equally favors aesthetics, flexibility and ease of use, with (eventual) support for the text-based creation of all manner of music: classical, popular, chiptune, electroacoustic, and more! Features Easy to understand, markup-like syntax Designed for musicians who don't know how to program, and programmers who don't know how to music A score is a text file that can be played using the alda command-line tool Interactive REPL lets you enter Alda code and hear the results in real time Supports writing music programmatically (for algorithmic composition, live coding, etc.) Create MIDI music using any of the instruments in the General MIDI Sound Set Installation You must have Java 8+ installed on your system in order to run Alda. Download HERE. (Chances are, you already have a recent enough version of Java installed.) Mac OS X / Linux Download alda. Make the file executable: chmod +x alda Make alda available on your $PATH: Using /usr/local/bin here as an example; you can use any directory on your $PATH. mv alda /usr/local/bin Once you have Alda installed, you can update to the latest version at any time by running: ...
5/5 1,297 Jun 02, 2019
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