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Asteroids 1.0
Asteroids 1.0 A remake of the classic arcade game with joystick support.
5/5 555 Oct 20, 2017
Crozza Remakes <img src=""border="0">
Centipede 1.0
Centipede 1.0 A remake of the classic Atari game for the PC. The Centipedes - consist of one or more attached segments which move horizontally through the playfield, moving one tile vertically when they hit the side of the screen, or a mushroom. Shoot a segment, and it will turn into a mushroom. If a centipede is split in half in this fashion, the segment behind the shot will form a head and you'll have two smaller centipedes to contend with. Mushrooms - harmless to the touch, but take four shots to destroy. The player and centipedes can't move through them. Poison mushrooms - These don't kill anything. But, when a centipede hits a poison mushroom, they go straight down until they hit the bottom of the screen. Spiders - they come in from the side and scurry around the bottom half of the screen really fast, making wibbledy-wibbledy sounds. Scorpions - they crawl through the top half of the screen and change mushrooms into poison mushrooms. Fleas - they occasionally drop through the screen, leaving a trail of mushrooms. Scoring: extra life every 12000 points Body segments 10pts Head 100pts Spider 300pts Flea 200pts Scorpian 1000pts Controls: Arrow keys to move Ctrl to fire You can also use the mouse to play set from startup page
5/5 566 Oct 29, 2017
Crozza Remakes <img src=""border="0">
Frogger 1.0
Frogger 1.0 A remake of the classic 80's arcade game with keyboard or joystick support.
5/5 561 Oct 18, 2017
Crozza Remakes <img src=""border="0">
Galaxian 1.0
Galaxian 1.0 A remake of the classic 80s arcade game Galaxian for the PC. KEYS: Arrow keys for movement Anykey to fire. F4 Fullscreen An extra life every 10000+ points
5/5 577 Oct 18, 2017
Crozza Remakes <img src=""border="0">
Hungry Dragon
Hungry Dragon The hungry dragon (Puzzle game) needs your help to reach the food on each level. Move the head left or right adding body parts as you go without bumping into yourself you can climb verticaly up to only four body parts you can walk on body part as yo go, there are obstacles that you can either push to fill impasible holes or use matches to clear a path, eating orange apples clears all body parts (Reborn). There are 38 levels to complete. Arrow: keys to move. R: to restart a level if you get stuck. Z: will move you back in time to the last object touched.
5/5 110 Sep 05, 2018
Crozza's Remakes <img src=""border="0">
Missile Command 1.0
Missile Command 1.0 A remake of the classic Atari game, Missile Command. Save the cities and silos from the constant ballistic missiles, watch out these missiles may split in to more missiles. On level two onward planes and satalites may appear which also drop missiles. Look out for smart bombs these can only be destroyed if hit directly in the centre otherwise they will move away from an explosion nearbye . Use the mouse to aim your missile press left /right /center arrow keys to fire from respective base. Can you beat your best score?
0/5 572 Nov 06, 2017
Crozza Remakes <img src=" Command1_th.png"border="0">
Ms Pacman 1.0
Ms Pacman 1.0 Remake of the classic arcade game. Goal The goal of this game is to Get the highest score by removing all dots with MsPacman. Ghosts will try to stop you so you should avoid them. The large Pills will help you . When you eat one of those the ghosts temporarily become afraid and can be chased for extra points but beware they get weaker with each level completed until they will not work at all. Touch a ghost whille they are afraid to get more points and they will turn into eyes and head for the prison. You can collect any bonus that appears for extra points. 100=cherry 200=strawberry 500=orrange 700=pretzel 1000=apple 2000=pear 5000=bannana Playing you can use a joystick or You steer MsPacman using the arrow keys. You can press the correct key before you reach the corridor (but keep it pressed). Press <P> to Pause game Levels The game has four levels with diffrent mazes . complete level one twice complete level two three times complete level three and level four times Press F12 at startup for a game of the original pacman. press F8 for three different room scales Press F9 at startup to change resolution to 640X480
5/5 585 Nov 07, 2017
Crozza Remakes <img src=""border="0">
Nuclear Invaders 1.0
Nuclear Invaders 1.0 Remake of Zx spectrum Nuclear invaders from 2013 reworked, the invaders are back and attacking your nuclear dump Destroy them before they destroy the Earth. Can you get the highest score?
5/5 196 Jul 19, 2018
Crozza's Remakes <img src=" invaders3_th.png"border="0">
Pacman's Revenge
Pacman's Revenge Pacman with a new game element inky has grabbed all the power pills and is carrying them around with him can you grab those power pills from behind without being killed? This may not be that easy as you will need quick reflexes to avoid being caught. by inky and the other pesky ghosts.
5/5 108 Sep 05, 2018
Crozza's Remakes <img src=""border="0">
Qbert 1.0
Qbert 1.0 A remake of the popular 80s arcade game in full screen. Use your arrow keys to play and hit ESC to quit.
5/5 555 Oct 18, 2017
Crozza Remakes <img src=""border="0">
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