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File - Download Arithmometer v2.0

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Arithmometer v2.0

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Arithmometer, a captivating card-playing and deck-building game that seamlessly blends strategy, quick thinking, and arcade-style excitement.

Engage in four unique games, all of which are played with the same deck, and each presenting its own set of challenges, as you strive to achieve high scores and climb the ranks on the online leaderboard.

Between levels, enhance your gaming capabilities by acquiring new cards and choosing from a variety of abilities that can turn the tide in your favour and provide the edge needed to conquer increasingly difficult challenges.

Game Modes

This game mode is likely the most straightforward, as the main rule is displayed on the screen at all times. Your objective is to achieve a target number using the selected cards, and later on, subtraction becomes an option as well.
You can freely move any open cards to empty spots on the field (but can't put them back on the mountain). However, be cautious, as moving a card to an empty spot resets your multiplier.
Strikes are issued for each row of unopened cards at the end.

Balancing Act:
In this mode, there are two slots for adding cards. Your goal is to minimize the difference between the sums of all cards in each pile. Aim for a zero difference to increase your multiplier; if the difference exceeds 10, the multiplier resets.
Strikes are assigned based on the difference between the scales at the end, capped at the level number to avoid excessive early penalties.

Running the Scales:
Engage in a turn-based duel against an opponent. Play cards with values equal to or higher than the card on the pile. Playing a card of the same value reverses the goal, requiring smaller value cards. The playing direction is indicated by an arrow next to the play pile.
If a player can't play a card, their opponent receives a tick, the playing direction flips, and they get another turn.
Reversing the playing direction increases your multiplier, resetting only if your opponent gains a tick.
The game concludes when a player runs out of cards or reaches 5 ticks. Strikes are given based on the difference in tick counts.

Simplicity defines this mode, yet it often leads to confusion. Select a root card and surrounding cards that add up to or subtract the same value. As shown in the picture.

Cards drop down to fill empty spots as long as cards remain in your deck. Strikes are issued for all cards left in your deck, including unflipped ones at the top of a lane.

More Screenshots

This download is for the Windows version.
If you need the macOS version, download here.
If you need the Linux version, download here.

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