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File - Download ImageGlass v7.6.4.30 -10th

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ImageGlass v7.6.4.30 -10th

ImageGlass is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you view images in a clean and intuitive working environment. It gives you the possibility to view over 70+ common image formats, including .gif, .svg, .png, .heic, ... and many more advanced features which help normal users or designers to speed up their work.

A simple-to-use program that comes packed with basic functions and a nice minimal modern user interface.

70+ formats supported-
ImageGlass works great with GIF, SVG, HEIC and RAW formats, among others

Lightweight & Versatile-
Fast switch between images

Easy installation of new language packs & themes

This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here.

ImageGlass - 10th
Apr 29 2020


Created new repository for ImageGlass theme pack at: You can fork this to create theme pack for ImageGlass.
Added Cropping tool to allow to crop and save the viewing image, select and copy the selection to clipboard (#594).
Base64 image format support (#741):
Directly view .b64 format.
Support viewing .txt as base64, but need to manually add extension in Settings > File Type Associations tab.
Conversion from image format to base64 (.b64 or .txt extension). Supported MIME types are:
image/gif: animation supported
image/tiff: multi-page supported
image/webp: animation supported (*)
image/svg+xml: scaling supported (*)
image/bmp, image/jpeg, image/x-icon
image/png: all other image formats will be saved as PNG base-64
(*) - when copy the base64 content and open in browser - Chrome
Conversion from base64 to image format limitation:
TIFF / GIF: Only first frame/page.
SVG base-64 converted to pixelated format.
Added more info of the viewing image in title bar (#687):
Color profile
Image file date time is now either
EXIF DateTimeOriginal with suffix (o), or
EXIF DateTime without suffix, or
LastModifiedTime with suffix (m).
Added an option in theme config.xml file to change size of navigation arrow icon (#552). See full options and learn how to create a theme pack for ImageGlass at
Added Open with... feature to allow open the viewing image in other apps (#684).
Added an option to play slideshow in random interval (#704).
Added Color picker button on toolbar (#744).


Reworded shortcuts in ImageGlass (see Shortcuts reference)
Reworked navigation arrows with better visual (#711).
Prevent screen turned off / sleeping while playing slideshow (#718).
Used grey color schema for Check for update, Settings, About, Add new extension, Add new editing app window; Used current theme color scheme for Rename, Go to... dialog (#580).
Initialized the color picker dialog when changing background color (#569).
Auto-scroll the thumbnail bar to align the selected item in the middle (#698) - thanks to @TheApX.
Added title for tool windows.
Added new Viewer category in Settings > General tab.
Enabled basic support for long file path (more than 260 chars) (#530).
Standardized menu items with ellipsis (…) for the functions require extra actions.
Added an option to disable touch gesture support (enabled by default).


Fixed an issue resulting parsing ZoomLevels after upgrade (#677).
Fixed an issue where new version hint is shown even tough latest version is installed (#688).
Fixed an issue when the %APPDATA%\ImageGlass folder does not exist, ImageGlass does not write any configs (#689).
Fixed an issue where the installed folder path contains dot causes startup/config problem (#676).
Fixed an issue where TGA images are rendered upside-down (#679).
Fixed an issue where navigation arrows are blinking on hover (#726).
Fixed an issue where navigation arrows require multiple clicks to quickly change images (#723).
Fixed an issue where navigation arrows collide with viewer scrollbars (#618).
Fixed an issue resulting loading TIFF and the image files that contain color profile slower 4 times due to Magick.NET library's bug (#720).
Fixed an issue where touchscreen image navigation backwards (#736).
Fixed an issue when changing toolbar buttons causes big gap on toolbar (#732).
Fixed an issue resulting ImageGlass cannot view some image with invalid color / EXIF profile (#742).
Fixed an issue preventing ImageGlass starting up by a popup with "Insert a disk into device D:" message (#674).
Fixed an issue resulting high disk activity causes by metadata caching of thumbnail bar (e04b49d).
Fixed an issue where the config "LastSeenImagePath" fails if any folder in the path starts with "n" (#567).
Fixed an issue insulting panning image sometimes enables dragging file to other app feature (a9bbf40).
Fixed an issue where Page Navigation not initialized on open (#721).
Fixed an issue where version value is not consistent in executable files.

SHA-1 5d9781319eb6d2bd474080c4a9a5ee9b9bb9e0f7 00765b57c051107e8a4bd1ef2246e4f3b8c1c8d3

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1,002 1,529 Dương Diệu Pháp <img src=""border="0"> Jul 29, 2020 - 10:34 -10th 16.03MB ZIP 5/5, out of 10 Votes.
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ImageGlass  v7.6.4.30  -10th  
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