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File - Download qimgv v0.8.8

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qimgv v0.8.8

Qt5 image viewer. Fast, configurable, easy to use. Optional video support.

Key features:

Simple UI


Easy to use

Fully configurable, including shortcuts

Basic image editing: Crop, Rotate and Resize

Ability to quickly copy / move images to different folders

Experimental video playback via libmpv

Ability to run shell scripts

A nice dark theme, should look identical on every OS / DE

Default control scheme:
Action Shortcut
Next image Right arrow / MouseWheel
Previous image Left arrow / MouseWheel
Goto first image Home
Goto last image End
Zoom in Ctrl+MouseWheel / Crtl+Up
Zoom out Ctrl+MouseWheel / Crtl+Down
Zoom Hold right mouse btn & move up / down
Fit mode: window 1
Fit mode: width 2
Fit mode: 1:1 (no scaling) 3
Switch fit modes Space
Toggle fullscreen mode DoubleClick / F / F11
Exit fullscreen mode Esc
Show image info I
Crop image X
Resize image R
Rotate left Ctrl+L
Rotate Right Ctrl+R
Open containing directory Ctrl+D
Quick copy C
Quick move M
Move to trash Delete
Delete file Shift+Delete
Save Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Open Ctrl+O
Settings Ctrl+P
Exit application Esc / Ctrl+Q / Alt+X / MiddleClick

... and more.

Note: you can configure every shortcut by going to Settings > Controls

User interface

The idea is to have a uncluttered, simple and easy to use UI. You can see ui elements only when you need them.

There is a pull-down panel with thumbnails, as well as folder view (accessible by pressing Return).

You can also bring up a context menu by right-clicking an image.
Using quick copy / quick move panels

Bring up the panel with C or M shortcut. You will see 9 destination directories, click them to set them up.

With panel visible, use 1 - 9 keys to copy/move current image to corresponding directory.

When you are done press C or M again to hide the panel.
Running scripts

You can run custom scripts on a current image.

Open Settings > Scripts. Press Add. Here you can choose between a shell command and a shell script.

Example of a command:

convert %file% %file%_.pdf

Example of a shell script file:

gimp "$1"

Note: The $1 argument will be a full file path. Also, the script file must be an executable.

When you've created your script go to Settings > Controls > Add, then select it and assign a shortcut like for any regular action.

If qimgv appears too small / too big on your display, you can override the scale factor. Example:

QT_SCALE_FACTOR="1.5" qimgv /path/to/image.png

You can put it in qimgv.desktop file to make it permanent. Using values less than 1.0 may break some things.

qimgv should also obey the global scale factor set in kde's systemsettings.
APNG support

APNG is supported via third-party qt plugin. (Included in windows qimgv package)

If you are linux user, install the latest QtApng by Skycoder42.
RAW support

Viewing raw is supported via qtraw plugin. (Included in windows qimgv package)

Version 0.8.8
What's new

Added volume control actions: toggleMute, volumeUp, volumeDown

Added mute button

Added showDirectory action & context menu entry. Opens current dir in the default file manager.

Configurable text color for fullscreen info bar

Off-screen thumbnails are now unloaded to save memory

Bug fixes

Fixed file format detection issues

Fixed overlays sometimes losing keyboard focus

Fixed moving files (regression)

Fixed notification not being shown on file copy / move

Fixed some temporary files not being removed on windows

Fixed crash on indexed png with transparency

Fixed possible crash when renaming a file


Images are now being saved through a temporary file in case something goes wrong

Fixed incorrect shortcuts for frameStep / frameStepBack (they were switched around)

Use 7-Zip 32bit or 7-Zip 64bit to unzip this file.

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
3,418 4,726 easymodo <img src=""border="0"> Nov 28, 2019 - 11:03 0.8.8 37.26MB 7Z 5/5, out of 21 Votes.
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qimgv  v0.8.8  
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