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File - Download Safe Exam Browser v2.1.3 (MacOS)

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Safe Exam Browser v2.1.3 (MacOS)

Safe Exam Browser – SEB for macOS opens a web browser window without navigation elements and locks the computer into a kiosk mode, which prevents from switching to other applications or quitting SEB untimely.SEB enables secure exams on unmanaged computers like students' own laptops as well as in managed environments. Currently SEB integrates with the wide spread learning management systems (LMS) Moodle, ILIAS and OpenOLAT and several non-commercial and commercial exam systems, as for example Inspera Assessment. Generally it can easily be used with most web-based online quiz and e-assessment systems.

The manual explains how to configure and use SEB for iOS from the perspective of exam administrators. SEB is a very flexible and modular tool, therefore documentation for examinees on how to use SEB with individual exam setups and the various exam systems it works with should be provided by the institution using SEB or their e-assessment provider.


To prevent switching to other applications or interrupting an exam, SEB disables the macOS Dock, the process switcher (cmd-tab/cmd-shift-tab), the Apple Menu and various other items in the menu bar, the Force Quit window (cmd-opt-esc), normal reboot (ctrl-cmd-eject), normal shutdown (ctrl-opt-cmd-eject), hiding the application, printing, Exposé, screenshots and the Notification Center.

Display and system idle sleep is also prevented while SEB is running. It can also be set whether users can quit SEB and if it is required to enter a quit password to do so.

Its possible to configure SEB to quit after the exam is submitted without having to enter a quit password by specifying a quit link and placing this on the summary page displayed by the LMS after submitting the exam.

In the browser window there is no right mouse (or ctrl-) click popup window available, links requesting to be opened in a separate window can be set to be blocked generally, to open in the same browser window or in a new SEB window. Besides that, the browser is supporting Java, Quicktime and Flash content (as long as the required plugins are installed on the system). SEB can also be configured to always use the more secure internal PDF viewer instead of the Acrobat Reader plug-in.

SEB features an optional dock/task bar displaying an icon for the SEB browser with controls for its open browser windows and widgets. Buttons in the dock for quitting SEB, restarting exam, reloading page and a display for the current time improve usability in exams. Clicking the SEB icon in the dock and holding the left mouse button down or a secondary (right mouse button) click displays a popup menu with all open browser windows, the main browser window is at the bottom. With this menu you can switch between open browser windows.

It is possible to configure if you want examinees to be able to use the spell and grammar checker and the macOS dictionary lookup feature. Also availability of page and text zoom can be configured.

SEB detects when it was started in a virtual instead of a native environment and refuses to run. This virtual machine detector hinders manipulating SEB further when used in unmanaged environments.

SEB also detects attempts to switch the user and displays a lock screen afterwards which needs to be unlocked with the quit/restart password by exam supporters/supervisors.

SEB for macOS is based on the WebKit browser engine, which is also used by Safari, Apple Mail and many open source browsers (in contrast to the Mozilla Firefox/XULRunner/Gecko engine used by SEB for Windows). There might be some small differences regarding rendering of web pages in those different browser engines, so you should check all functionality of your quiz in SEB for macOS before using it in exams.

SEB for macOS can be used together with additional (third party) applications during an exam. You can download and open files linked in your online exam, edit it in a third party application and then upload the results to your online quiz/LMS again. Currently this is only possible when SEB is used in a separate user account managed by macOS parental controls.

From version 2.0, encrypted .seb configuration files are used which allow to individually configure SEB per exam.

Also see the how to use SEB 2.0 document explaining the concept behind SEB 2.x and its new features.

Please understand that you also have to configure your exam system correctly to be locked down securely. SEB is generally locking down exam client computers only, not the exam system or the quiz module of a learning management system. Check documentation for your exam/learning management system on how to lock it down correctly.

Operating System

SEB for macOS is running on 64-bit Intel Macs with the following operating systems:

macOS 10.14 Mojave Beta (not yet fully tested)
macOS 10.13 High Sierra
macOS 10.12 Sierra
OS X 10.11 El Capitan
OS X 10.10 Yosemite
OS X 10.9 Mavericks
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (TLS/SSL/CA certificate embedding and certificate pinning not supported)
OS X 10.7 Lion (only supported as client, preferences window not available. TLS/SSL/CA certificate embedding and certificate pinning not supported)
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (only supported up to SEB 1.5.2)

Release notes for Safe Exam Browser version 2.1.3:

New "Config Key" feature allowing an exam system to verify that the correct settings are being used. The Config Key can be generated server-side and doesn't change if same settings are loaded in a new SEB version which adds new setting keys.
Added setting to disable Siri.
Added setting to disable dictation.
Now refusing to start an exam which hasn't been submitted properly before, displaying lock screen including log entries from the previously interrupted exam.
Preventing that SIGSTOP could be used to freeze SEB and to cheat undiscovered.
Added browser user agent suffix setting option.
Now blocking Touch Bar typing suggestions (predictive keyboard) during an exam.
The screen sharing detector now also works correctly when connecting to a Mac using Apple ID (Back to My Mac).
Added checkbox to lock screen to override security check and unlock SEB, even if screen sharing is still active. Displaying info about overriding security check in HUD (in red text color).
Fixed that SEB in some cases didn't switch off automatic spelling correction when running on macOS 10.12 and later.
Implemented functionality for separate Allow Reload / Show Reload Warning / Allow Navigating setting for exam and new browser windows: Hiding navigation and reload buttons in toolbar and enabling navigation with Cmd + cursor keys according to settings.
Added confirm quitting option for Quit Link.
Now respecting setting "enable right mouse button": Allows to use the right mouse button/context menu according to setting key enableRightMouse. This only has an effect in Javascript, browser plugins and video players etc. (not on regular website elements).
URL filter now treats query strings consistently between SEB macOS 2.1.3 and Windows 2.2.1.
Implemented new URL filter query string condition: If "?." is specified as query, then SEB enforces no query.
URL filter now ignores "about:" URLs. These can be blocked explicitly if desired.
Fixed URL filter didn't work correctly with Javascript open links by only closing the new window if the URL of the main frame wasn't allowed (applies only if content filter isn't active).
Changed "Restart Exam Button" to "Back to Start Button" and added disclaimer about not logging out users.
Now loading SEBClientSettings.seb also from the /Library/Preferences directory: This directory is valid for all users on a Mac and usually only writable with administrator rights. This improvement makes it easier to configure managed SEB clients which are used by multiple users.
Reconfiguration is now done seamlessly before initializing and opening the browser. Note: The SEB admin password of a new client config needs to match the one in the old client config (if there was one set), otherwise the reconfiguration fails silently. If you need to change the SEB admin password on managed clients, you first need to reset the existing SEB user defaults.
Added new setting to allow SEB installation in user's ~/Applications folder. By default, it's now only allowed to start SEB from the /Applications folder.
Refactored startup process to correctly initialize SEB if it is started directly (using client settings) or by opening a config file. Now client settings saved persistently on the Mac are not considered at all when starting SEB by opening a config file or config link.
Fixed that double clicking a .seb config file several times could lock SEB.
The About SEB splash screen now cannot hide alerts and lock SEB if those were displayed modally.
Fixed modal lock when webpage tries to download a font by sending an return key event tap, which closes the dialog (invoking the button "Skip" in the system alert which is displayed behind SEB's windows). This doesn't work on macOS 10.14 though, as a workaround make sure that websites don't download additional fonts or open the page first in Safari (or in SEB without active kiosk mode, using the setting Applications/Permitted Processes/Allow switching to third party applications) so the font gets downloaded before the exam.
In case SEB cannot terminate an explicitly prohibited process (trying to display an overlay/panel window), a lock screen is displayed requiring to enter the quit/unlock password.
Fixed names of running processes in log were truncated after 16 characters.
No longer changing screenshot location on OS X 10.10 and later, as SEB's windows are not captured on screenshots anyways.
Updated default Start URL to "".
Fixed problems while opening new settings when alerts were open in SEB.
Now adding Safari/WebKit version strings "Version/11.1.1" and 605.1.15 to user agent string.
Added information on how to solve an issue with the Force Quit window alert: "If the window isn't open and this alert is displayed anyways, restart your Mac".
Fixed displaying correct time the SEB process was interrupted (in lock screen and HUD).
Now preventing editing of log messages in lock screen.
Fixed: Additional browser windows can be displayed behind the black screen background cover windows after closing Preferences Window (when not changing any settings).
Fixed changing settings when Exam Pane is displayed doesn't trigger "save changed settings" warning.
Fixed Preferences window not working correctly on OS X 10.8 (bad auto layout support!) by allowing to open Preferences starting macOS 10.9.
Fixed lock screen windows could be opened twice (for screen sharing and user switch) which would make it impossible to unlock again.
Improved logging when starting SEB: Now starting to log (with log level Debug and at standard log file path) regardless of current settings directly after SEB starts up, before local persistent settings are initialized.
Again fixed a bug when SEB could kill itself when a space switch occurred, this time correctly.
Fixed opening seb(s):// link wasn't working when temporary browser window (for authentication) was open and SEB was restarted after editing preferences.
Added one point to menu bar height to keep a black edge between menu bar and browser window.
Fixed a compatibility issue which caused SEB 2.1.2 to crash immediately when started on OS X 10.7.
Fixed reload (with confirm message) not working on macOS 10.7/10.8 (on non fullscreen browser windows).
Added Win Registry setting insideSebEnableNetworkConnectionSelector to Security pane and Settings.
Enabled all Function Keys in Hooked Keys (Win) default settings.

Changed in build 29E7:

Improved performance and stability for reading system defaults (preferences for Siri, dictation). The previous implementation in SEB 2.1.3 build 29E5 could crash SEB while system load was very high (for example when SEB is automatically started by the system after a reboot/hard reset).
Changed default for setting browserWindowShowURL to never (to not leak exam URLs in case the are supposed to be kept secret in some exam environments).

Known limitations. The following preferences options are not yet available in this version:

Applications pane: Monitor processes (new third party application handling and additional security feature) is not yet available. It's possible to add permitted and prohibited processes for SEB 2.x for Windows. SEB for macOS doesn't support directly starting and monitoring third party applications yet.
Network pane: It's not yet possible to set individual SEB proxy settings, you have to set system-wide proxy settings in macOS System Preferences. SEB for Windows 2.1.x or later supports individual proxy settings which you can configure here.

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