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File - Download LiNK Fixer v0.3.3 32bit

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LiNK Fixer v0.3.3 32bit

The shortcut's target CAN be found!

LiNK Fixer is a small, free, simple Windows accessory which does search and replace text inside ".lnk" files, aka. Windows shortcuts, re-linking them to the correct target. If you move some files, folders, or even a whole drive (perhaps to a new drive letter), LiNK Fixer can correct the shortcut's internal path, so that it works again. Simple as that.

What makes LiNK Fixer especially useful, is its ability to apply these changes recursively through a directory tree, fixing the broken paths of every shortcut inside a folder, even your entire system, with just one click.


There is nothing to it. Simply enter the path to scan, a string to search for and a string to replace it with, click "Do It!".

LiNK Fixer has a few extra features you might find handy..

Firstly, the inputs are all "combo" inputs; your past strings are remembered for easy selection from the drop-down - a real time-saver. You can also right-click the combo chevron for options to delete the current item and wipe the list, if required.

LiNK Fixer can be set to always-on-top, so it won't get stuck behind other windows. But even if that is switched off, you can bring LiNK Fixer to the front by simply hovering your mouse over its system tray icon.

Click LiNK Fixer's tray icon to show/hide the main LiNK Fixer window.

Portable operation..

If there is a copy of of the preference file (LiNK Fixer.ini) sitting right next to the program (LiNK Fixer.exe), it will automatically switch to portable mode, so you can happily put LiNK Fixer in a Pen-Drive, DVD, Blu-Ray, or wherever you like.

Normally, your LiNK Fixer.ini is stored in your user folder (C:\Users\<Your-name>\corz\LiNK Fixer). By the way, if you ever need to manually edit your preferences (unlikely), there is an option to do exactly that from LiNK Fixer's System Tray menu.

If you can't be bothered copying the ini file over to the program's folder (or creating a blank LiNK Fixer.ini there), you can launch LiNK Fixer using the "portable" switch (Hit Win+R > drag in LiNK Fixer.exe > add " portable" (note the space!) to the end of the path and hit "OKAY"). LiNK Fixer will create an ini file next to itself and from then on it's portable.

0.3.3 [current release]

+ Added online version checking.

+ LiNK Fixer now creates a full ini with all avalable preferences
so you can hack some extra things, if required.

+ Added version number to main window title.

* Fixed extra ".ini" in backup ini file naming.

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1,504 1,875 <img src=""border="0"> Jul 02, 2020 - 20:23 0.3.3 431.4KB ZIP 5/5, out of 25 Votes.
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LiNK  Fixer  v0.3.3  32bit  
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