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File - Download Find.Same.Images.OK v1.91 32bit

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Find.Same.Images.OK v1.91 32bit

Find.Same.Images.OK is a software to find the same or similar images and to search for rotated (mirrored) or negative images.

You can use Find.Same.Images.OK for free to quickly find the same or similar images, whether those photos are rotated, mirrored, zoomed out .

Key Features in Find Same Images OK!

◆ Folder vs. Folders and Compare All
◆ Find Similarity Images
◆ Quality and performance related
◆ Compare pictures in multiple folders
◆ Compare Camera Raw files
◆ Supports multiple image formats (JPEG, PNG, WMF, RAW, ...)

Other features and specifications:
◆ Does not burden the CPU
◆ Tiny in size but very fast
◆ Portable use possible
◆ Optional installation
◆ Easy to use
◆ Multilingual

How does the program work?

Please, the program should not be confused with a simple duplicate finder program, the program generates graphic signatures and compares them on pixel basis, but not only that, you can also find rotated, mirrored and negative images even if eg the image is in size (Dimension) changed. (Which one does not rarely do, if the picture comes from the Smartphone or iPhone). And the good thing is that it's much faster than duplicate files finding program. With good computer systems, over 100,000 comparisons per second . Although currently only single thread (Core).

The program is now in the first version and in further will be optimized and customized ;-). Please do not forget that the human eye can not be replaced, the program has an image preview and helps to quickly find similar or identical photos / pictures!

For what to search and find the similar and same pictures?

I think that the users, who have a lot of photos, pictures and wallpapers, have been repeatedly confronted with the fact that the hard disk contains dozens of identical files (and there are hundreds of similar files). And these can take up decent amount of hard disk space!
If you look for similar images and delete them yourself, then it will take you a lot of time and effort to find them, especially if the collection is impressively large. For this reason, you have the opportunity to test this useful and free Windows software in your pictures collection I think for many users it would be interesting to create a little space on the hard drive or just to see how many similar or blurred photos there are those that may be redundant.
The genesis of the program: ► What is the sense of Find.Same.Images?

OK, I found the pictures and now!
In FSI.OK you can select the images through the check boxes (selection box) and then select the desired operation. Or you just let the worse or better pictures by the program itself select. Set the similarity tolerance before starting the scan.

The Installation of this image Tool for all Windows OS!

The program does not necessarily have to be installed. Just place it on the desktop and rename it in Find.Same.Images.OK.exe and you're ready to go. Well suited for portable use, just copy it to the USB stick. So you do not have to go without the functions on other computers or laptops while you're on the move. PS: But you can also have the installation option, by selecting Portable Installation for portable use.

Supported image formats include JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, WMF, TIFF, TGA and RAW!

Find.Same.Images.OK Versions History

New in version 1.91 // 20 August 2019
• Small adjustments in Find.Same.Images.OK
• Tests and Improvement for the next Windows 10 Build
• Updating of the language files.

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170 261 Nenad Hrg <img src=""border="0"> Aug 21, 2019 - 11:54 1.91 894.5KB ZIP 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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Find.Same.Images.OK  v1.91  32bit  

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