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Cmder v1.3.11

Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over absence of usable console emulator on Windows. It is based on ConEmu with major config overhaul, comes with a Monokai color scheme, amazing clink (further enhanced by clink-completions) and a custom prompt layout.

Why use it

The main advantage of Cmder is portability. It is designed to be totally self-contained with no external dependencies, which makes it great for USB Sticks or cloud storage. So you can carry your console, aliases and binaries (like wget, curl and git) with you anywhere.

The Cmder's user interface is also designed to be more eye pleasing, and you can compare the main differences between Cmder and ConEmu here.

Single User Portable Config

Download the latest release
Extract the archive. Note: This path should not be C:\Program Files or anywhere else that would require Administrator access for modifying configuration files
(optional) Place your own executable files into the %cmder_root%\bin folder to be injected into your PATH.
Run Cmder.exe

Shared Cmder install with Non-Portable Individual User Config

Download the latest release
Extract the archive to a shared location.
(optional) Place your own executable files into the %cmder_root%\bin folder to be injected into your PATH.
(optional) Create %userprofile%\cmder_config\bin folder to be injected into individual users PATH. Default is to auto create this on first run.
(optional) Place your own executable files into the %userprofile%\cmder_config\bin folder to be injected into your PATH.
Run Cmder.exe with /C command line argument. Example: cmder.exe /C %userprofile%\cmder_config

This will create the following directory structure if it is missing.


Both the shared install and the individual user config locations can contain a full set of init and profile.d scripts enabling shared config with user overrides. See below.

Cmder.exe Command Line Arguments
Argument Description
/C [user_root_path] Individual user Cmder root folder. Example: %userprofile%\cmder_config
/M Use conemu-%computername%.xml for ConEmu settings storage instead of user_conemu.xml
/REGISTER [ALL, USER] Register a Windows Shell Menu shortcut.
/UNREGISTER [ALL, USER] Un-register a Windows Shell Menu shortcut.
/SINGLE Start Cmder in single mode.
/START [start_path] Folder path to start in.
/TASK [task_name] Task to start after launch.
/X [ConEmu extras pars] Forwards parameters to ConEmu

Context Menu Integration

So you've experimented with Cmder a little and want to give it a shot in a more permanent home;
Shortcut to open Cmder in a chosen folder

Open a terminal as an Administrator
Navigate to the directory you have placed Cmder
Execute .\cmder.exe /REGISTER ALL If you get a message "Access Denied" ensure you are executing the command in an Administrator prompt.

In a file explorer window right click in or on a directory to see "Cmder Here" in the context menu.
Keyboard shortcuts
Tab manipulation

Ctrl + T : New tab dialog (maybe you want to open cmd as admin?)
Ctrl + W : Close tab
Ctrl + D : Close tab (if pressed on empty command)
Shift + Alt + #Number : Fast new tab: 1 - CMD, 2 - PowerShell
Ctrl + Tab : Switch to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Switch to previous tab
Ctrl + #Number : Switch to tab #Number
Alt + Enter: Fullscreen


Ctrl + Alt + U : Traverse up in directory structure (lovely feature!)
End, Home, Ctrl : Traversing text with as usual on Windows
Ctrl + R : History search
Shift + Mouse : Select and copy text from buffer

Access to multiple shells in one window using tabs

You can open multiple tabs each containing one of the following shells:
Task Shell Description
Cmder cmd.exe Windows cmd.exe shell enhanced with Git, Git aware prompt, Clink (GNU Readline), and Aliases.
Cmder as Admin cmd.exe Administrative Windows cmd.exe Cmder shell.
PowerShell powershell.exe Windows PowerShell enhanced with Git and Git aware prompt .
PowerShell as Admin powershell.exe Administrative Windows powershell.exe Cmder shell.
Bash bash.exe Unix/Linux like bash shell running on Windows.
Bash as Admin bash.exe Administrative Unix/Linux like bash shell running on Windows.
Mintty bash.exe Unix/Linux like bash shell running on Windows. See below for Mintty configuration differences
Mintty as Admin bash.exe Administrative Unix/Linux like bash shell running on Windows. See below for Mintty configuration differences

Cmder, PowerShell, and Bash tabs all run on top of the Windows Console API and work as you might expect in Cmder with access to use ConEmu's color schemes, key bindings and other settings defined in the ConEmu Settings dialog.

More info in README file here.

Click here to visit the author's website.
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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
314 666 Martin Kemp/Benjamin Staneck <img src=""border="0"> Jul 10, 2019 - 10:11 1.3.11 107.8MB ZIP 5/5, out of 3 Votes.
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Cmder  v1.3.11  

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