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File - Download RosarioSIS v4.8.3

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RosarioSIS v4.8.3

Free Student Information System for School Management

RosarioSIS is a Free & open source Student Information System (SIS), also known as School Management System (SMS) or even School ERP.

RosarioSIS features students demographics, grades, scheduling, attendance, student billing, discipline & food service modules for school management, in one web-application. Primarily designed for K-12 schools, it will easily fit for any educative institution like a university, an academy, or an institute.

Main features

Responsive design: compatible with tablets and smartphones.
Discipline, Accounting & Student Billing modules included.
Translated in French, Spanish, Arabic and German.
PDF documents generation.
Colorful statistical charts for decision-making.
Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) integration included.
Online registration.

RosarioSIS is free software (Gnu GPL v2) powered by PHP and a PostgreSQL database. It runs as a web application that can be accessed through any computer connected to the internet.

School Management made easy
Take the Tour

Here is a short presentation of RosarioSIS, module by module:

School Setup

Create schools & edit their information.
Easily add information fields about your school.
Setup marking periods, school periods & grade levels.
Manage & consult the calendar, including school events & student assignments.
Create notes & polls.
Configure RosarioSIS, activate online registration, modules & plugins.
Rollover: roll data to the next school year.


Add new students & edit their information (enrollment, demographic information, photo, addresses & contacts, medical…).
Easily add information fields about your students.
Print advanced reports & consult statistics.
Print formatted letters & mailing labels to contact your students.
Create parent users from student contacts.

Users module Users

Add new users (administrators, teachers & parents) & edit their information.
Easily add information fields about your users.
Easily add new user profiles & configure their permissions.
Notify parents who never logged in.


Schedule your students.
Possibility to work with requests & the scheduler.
Print schedules, class lists, face-books & requests.
Consult schedule & requests reports.
Spot incomplete schedules & requests.
Organize your school’s subjects, courses & course periods.


Teachers can create assignments, enter grades in the gradebook & final grades for their students.
Students can submit assignments.
Print report cards, transcripts & honor roll certificates.
Consult reports & statistics on students grades & GPA.
Configure the report card grades & comments.
Spot anomalous grades.


Teachers can take attendance for their students & consult summaries.
Add absences & comments.
Consult reports about attendance & teacher completion.
Configure the attendance codes.


Teachers can automatically report which students are eligible for athletic or academic activities using the gradebook.
Consult reports about teacher completion.
Configure the activities.


Add, edit & consult discipline referrals.
Consult referral breakdowns.
Configure the discipline form.

Accounting & Student Billing

Manage school incomes & expenses.
Manage staff salaries & payments.
Manage student fees & payments.
Consult student, staff & school balances, the daily transactions.
Print statements.

Food Service

Create menus, their items & add daily menus.
Serve meals.
Manage the food service accounts of the students & the staff.
Consult statements, manage transactions.
Consult activity & transactions reports, print reminders.

Moodle plugin Moodle

Students, parents & teachers are automatically created, updated & deleted in Moodle.
Subjects, courses & course periods are automatically created, updated & deleted in Moodle.
Automatically schedule or drop students from a course period in Moodle.
Events & assignments are automatically added to & removed from the Moodle calendar.
Portal notes are automatically created, updated & deleted in Moodle.

RosarioSIS features:

Help In line help.
PDF PDF generation.
Excel Export listings to Excel, CSV & XML.
Search Powerful & customizable student search module.
Registration Online users & students registration.
Responsive Responsive design: compatible with smartphones & tablets.

» Quick Setup Guide: step by step RosarioSIS configuration.
» Tips & Did you knows for Administrators, Teachers, Students & Parents.

RosarioSIS has been designed to address the most important needs of administrators,
teachers, support staff, parents, students, and clerical personnel. However, it
also adds many components not typically found in Student Information Systems.
Consider the following:

Student screens that include all the critical information necessary for
reports and decision-making can be accessed with a point and click.
Several customizable features are also included that allow you to gather
data important to your school or district.

Employee screens that not only provide quick access to demographic
information, but also assign email addresses, admittance to the system,
passwords, and more.

Students can be searched by not only gender, ethnicity, grade level, etc.,
but also by their schedule, activities, absences, eligibility, grades,
GPA, and class rank, where appropriate.

A comprehensive grade book that allows teachers to establish grade ranges,
weight assignments, track assignments, and issue quarterly and semester
grades as well as progress reports. Report card and transcripts are also
available. Furthermore, report cards and transcripts can be configured
to display grades for any or all of your schools marking periods on
the fly.

Attendance can be taken electronically by teachers and submitted to the
office almost instantly. Also, office staff can modify attendance
reports based on information not available at the time roll was taken.
The attendance component further provides report capabilities to
identify average daily attendance, to provide daily attendance
summaries, and to track attendance each day.

Middle grade and high school educators will appreciate the eligibility
feature of RosarioSIS. No longer will paper or spreadsheets have to be used
to report what students are eligible for athletic or academic
activities; instead, the grade book will determine electronically if a
student is passing or not. The teacher then merely verifies the
information and sends it through the system.

Scheduler in RosarioSIS allows the scheduling of entire classes or groups as
well as the scheduling of a single student. Revisions to a students
schedule can be performed quickly. Scheduling based on a students
requests is extremely efficient. Running the scheduler on an entire
high school takes minutes instead of hours. So, the scheduler can be
run several times a day allowing you to scheduler more thoroughly.
Also, each time you save a students requests, the scheduler is run
under test mode for the student allowing you to resolve conflicts as
you have the student in front of you.

Courses can be added easily to include weights, instructional assignments,
and periods. As well, you can determine if each course requires
attendance, affects the honor roll and class rank, and/or has any
restrictions. Of course, scheduling reports can be generated through
this application also.

A calendar is included that details events, activities and student

A school set-up screen is used to establish marking periods, the grade
levels in the building, and the number of periods scheduled each day.
School demographic information (e.g., name, address, phone numbers,
etc.) is entered on this same screen. Your schools can have any number
of marking periods in three tiers. For instance, a school could use the
conventional two semesters, four quarters, four progress periods model,
or a school could establish its only system of marking periods with 3
semesters, 18 quarters, and 36 progress periods. Everything is
completely customizable.

You will find RosarioSIS to be a full-featured Student Information System that
facilitates your decision-making, provides data necessary for reports to the
federal or state governments as well as local boards, and affords convenient
access to all of the stakeholders in your building or district. And, because it
is web-based, the system can be logged into from any Internet connection.

You can try RosarioSIS and access the online demonstration from the project website.

Add-ons for RosarioSIS

Minimum requirements

PHP 5.3.2+: server-side scripting language
PostgreSQL 8+: SQL database
Webserver (Apache, Nginx): LAPP stack (Installation directions), WAPP stack (How to install RosarioSIS on Windows).
Can run in an intranet with no internet access / offline.

Web technologies

AJAX application (jQuery)
Responsive design


jqPlot: Colorful charts & graphs for jQuery.
TinyMCE: WYSIWYG HTML editor designed to simplify content creation.
MarkDown: Simple Markup language used in Large text fields.
wkhtmltopdf: PDF generation / printing using Webkit (to install separately).
Export listings to:

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