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File - Download The Classic Browser v4.2 32bit

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The Classic Browser v4.2 32bit
For Windows Vista 32bit and higher 32bit Windows

“Designed to serve YOU not corporations!”

● Fantastic Bookmark Menus:
The modern Internet browser is all about YOUR favorites or the websites you love to visit regularly and that's why we've paid a LOT of attention to this area to give you the most beautiful, configurable, and versatile Favorites menus possible.

● Revolutionary Internet Searching:
What could be easier and more powerful than typing once and getting search results from up to 12 unique search engines of your choice? You just can't beat that so expand your horizons with our Multi-Search!

● Awesome Loading Speed:
Can browsers that have to dig deep into massive cache files in order to retrieve navigating history respond faster than a browser that doesn't use or need a disk cache? You be the judge! If you have a very fast Internet connection you will benefit the most from the world's FIRST dynamic cache-less browser.

● Guaranteed Safety & Privacy:
What could possibly be safer and more private than a browser that is highly user-configurable but NON-programmable by 3rd parties, and one that doesn't save anything to your hard disk other than your settings? Let common sense prevail!

● Superb Entertainment:
The Classic Browser includes special menus for Web-TV, Web-Radio, Web-Tunes, and popular websites. LIVE Internet Radio and TV streaming from hundreds of channels is just a click away!

● Respect for Users and their Systems:
No privacy violations, obligatory agreements, contracts, threats, or other types of user heckling. This browser respects both users and their computer systems like they deserve.

● Tools you've always wanted:
We're not ashamed to admit that The Classic Browser has powerful scraping capabilities offered strictly for personal use. Please use them wisely.

● HTML5 Compatibility Checking:
We've exhausted searching the Internet but couldn't find a single decent HTML5 document checker so we added a native one for you! We offer you a treasure-trove of information with error checking on all websites. Enjoy it.

● Local Media Support:
We haven't forgotten the hundreds of audio, video, and image files you've probably got sitting on your hard disk collecting dust. We unearth and give them new life for you in a beautiful menu for easy access.

● Faster Downloads:
Upon clicking a download link the precious seconds it takes for the "Save As" dialog box to appear and for you to enter and OK the pathname, are not wasted because the Classic Browser starts downloading immediately to a data buffer in memory and if you decide to cancel the data buffer is simply discarded but if you go ahead with the save much of the file has already been downloaded and stored in memory! This results in faster downloads thanks to this head start.

● Another Chrome clone?
Absolutely not! The Classic Browser uses the Chromium engine strictly as a RENDERER-ONLY and that's where the similarities with Chrome end. Our entire interface and all number-crunching routines are custom written from the ground up including our Tab manager, History manager, Bookmarks manager, Password manager, Download manager, Events manager, and so forth.

Chromium is only called to pass a URL to it to display a website, in fact we have fine-tuned the highly configurable Chromium engine not only to support the latest web technologies but to also not waste precious time writing to your hard disk and thus the absence of Internet junk files.

The Classic Browser v4.2 is now available for download

1. The flexibility of the browser's address field has been extended once again! You can now type URLs, domains, IPs, or search text. The latter will now load your preferred search engine in a new tab with the search text passed to it.

The logic used to predict what the user is trying to do is very simple:

example 1: "x://hello.there" <-- it has a "://" so it must be a URL so just load it.

example 2: "hello.there" <-- it has a period so it must be a domain so add a "http://" to it and load it.

example 3: "hello there" <-- it has no period and no "://" so it must be search text which we pass onto the selected search engine.

2. You'll now find a new little surprise under... Main Menu > Browser Functions > Windows Help (<--Some of you need this)

3. You can now toggle the “sandboxing” (attribute) of a Tab from the Macro Menu under "Handy Tools". This feature is useful as an example, for when a website prevents you from copying things from it. We accomplish this by reloading the page with no JavaScript permitted thus disabling their ability to prevent you.

4. Corrected a bug with bad page titles containing HTML tags. Shocking stupidity by some website authors!

5. Due to the Classic’s exceptional page-loading speeds, we have removed the “Page Loading Cut-Off” option and replaced it with the new “Web Storage Reporting” tool.

Subsequently, we improved and streamlined the reporting of (1) Script Errors (2) PostMessages (3) Web Storage activity and (4) Request Headers, all of which should be of interest to developers.

6. ETag blocking gets a facelift and now also reports which of the ETags intercepted are the dodgy ones! NB: Etags have no effect on cacheless browsers but it's fun playing with them.

7. Numerous improvements/optimizations are also included.

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