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Lunacy v3.14

Free Graphic Design Software


Lunacy is a native Windows app that works offline and supports .sketch files. We mean it; it’s not JavaScript wrapped into Electron. Therefore, our setup file is only 15 Mb. It’s fast and takes only 200 Mb of memory for a typical project.

Sketch Compatibility
Lunacy is compatible with .sketch format. More specifically, you can:

Read .sketch Files of any Version

This is important, as Sketch completely changed the format in version 43, and kept migrating it to the new format until version 50.

If you’ve downloaded an old UI kit from Sketchappsources, Lunacy will be able to read it.

If you have a file sent by your teammate that uses the latest version of Sketch, Lunacy will be able read to it.

If Sketch changes the format again, we’ll update Lunacy accordingly. We are members of the so called “Friends of Sketch” group, and we get the early builds so that we can fix it before the release.

We also work on reading the slightly broken files generated by PSD to Sketch Converter (they have non-unique IDs).

Save .sketch Files
We save the files in .sketch format while preserving the original structure: naming, groups, IDs.

Lunacy fully supports the symbols (creating, updating the instances, redefines). As of December 2018, we read the symbol libraries, but not save them yet.

Tools, Objects, and Properties
We cover all the data structures of Sketch, including masks, gradients, rounded corners, curves, sophisticated text formatting and many more.

Full Editor
Create New Designs
Using Lunacy, you are able to create new designs. It’s a perfect tool for prototyping. You can add simple shape elements to your layout (such as drawing an oval, rectangle, line, or adding a bitmap), as well as draw, align and join objects.

Modify Existing Designs
Lunacy is a full-fledged editor that allows you to modify existing designs.

Generate Source Code
Lunacy allows you to see CSS and XAML code of elements.

Export Assets
You can export any assets from you document in PNG, SVG or XAML.

Exclusive feature: Upload directly to a CDN. Lunacy generates a CDN link for you without any extra effort from your side.

Lunacy is small and fast, so memory and processor are usually not an issue.
If you use the portable version, you will need VC++ redistributable 2015 and Net Framework 4.6.1 installed.

Version 3.14

One of the substantial improvements introduced in Version 3 was the full-scale editor. Version 3 was launched in March, though it took us a few months to actually make it more or less complete. During these months of work, our team efforts were mainly focused on fixing bugs, improving performance, and implementing the remaining features such as gradients, guidelines, etc.

The Grids is configured for the workspace and for artboard separately
Layouts for artboards
Automatic font switching for text block when typing languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)
Presentation mode (Ctrl + .)
The ability to apply effects to images
The ability to copy / paste layer style
Interface languages added:
— Portuguese
— Chinese
— Deutsch
— Japanese
— Polish

Improved export to XAML
Corrected display of Japanese, Chinese, Korean characters in artboard title
Improved Symbols items behavior when the size of the left panel is changing
Reduced ruler size
Added the ability to collapse all items in the tree (Ctrl + ~)
The distance between the original object and its copy is displayed while copying the object with Alt pressed
List building behavior changed. Creation of a marker is ignored when moving to the next line with Shift or Ctrl pressed
The ruler adapts to the selected objects
Added the ability to move guides using the arrows on the keyboard
Optimized opening speed of some files
Added the ability to use the grid in increments of 1 pixel.
Expanded area on the border of the artboard on which it can be selected
If a file is not saved in the window title, an asterisk (*) will be displayed
When exporting a single object to a file, you can change the name of the file being exported.
The state of the left panel is remembered after the application is closed

Bug Fixes
Fixed most errors of working with text
Fixed errors when opening many sketch files
Fixed most errors of working with symbols
Fixed most errors of working with artboards
Fixed most errors of working with effects
Fixed most errors of importing images
Fixed interface behavior error
Fixed most errors with selection of objects
Fixed most errors with duplication of objects through Alt
Fixed most errors of working with guidelines
And many other minor bugs are fixed

The ability to save to the .lunacy format is disabled. No further support is planned for this format. You will be able to open .luancy format and resave it to the .sketch format.

Here's a What's New video by Kavin Prasath

Click here to visit the author's website.

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48 271 Lunacy "Team of 40" <img src=""border="0"> Jan 27, 2019 - 13:25 3.14 31.49MB ZIP 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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