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File - Download UltraSearch v2.2 64bit

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UltraSearch v2.2 64bit
UltraSearch finds files and folders on local NTFS drives and provides the results including a file preview in just a few seconds.

UltraSearch does not maintain an index which is stored on your harddisk, but achieves its speed by working directly on the Master File Table (MFT) of the NTFS partitions. UltraSearch even identifies NTFS hardlinks.

Simply enter a file name or a pattern like *.exe and see the first results while you are still typing. In addition, UltraSearch supports regular expressions and will search file content.

Additional information like file size and file dates (last changes, last access and file creation) will be shown for all listed files. Naturally, the Explorer context menu is available inside UltraSearch.

UltraSearch enables you to exclude folders, files or file types from searches via an exclude filter. The search results can be sorted according to different criteria, printed or exported as text, RTF, HTML, CSV, and Excel file.

Define file groups (such as movie files, text files etc.) and search for all file types the group contains.

The recently used search patterns can be saved and selected from a dropdown list. UltraSearch can suggest patterns or autocomplete manually entered patterns automatically.

UltraSearch can be started from the context menu of your Windows Explorer - starting a search within the selected directory could not be easier.

Use UltraSearch wherever you like thanks to the portable ZIP version.

UltraSearch searches the local NTFS partitions and provides results in a matter of seconds. The software lists additional information for each found file: file size, last change date etc.

UltraSearch enables you to group files in file type groups and search entire groups. Once created, groups can easily be modified. Find, for example, all movie or Office files.

In addition to the use of search patterns, a search can be narrowed down even further via the exclusion of files and folders. Exclude system files from your search results by not searching certain folders and not listing certain file types.

Version 2.2 : (06 Nov 2018)

New Features

•The file content is now displayed in a preview window on the right.

•Paths and drives can now be pinned to the drive list.

•A new button to stop the current search has been added.

•The language can now be changed via the user interface at "View> Language".

•The user interface now offers a "Delete" button which can be used to remove all entered search criteria.

•An option to use regular expressions has been added.

•The option "Ignore Umlauts/Accents" lets you specify whether umlauts and accents shall be included in the search.

•A new option lets you decide whether to include results in subfolders or not.

•The search history can now be deleted.

•The font size of the result list can now be set in the options.

•An option to select all drives has been added to the context menu of the drive list.

•The user will now be notified via a notification windows when the current search is complete.

•Bitlocker encrypted drives are now supported.

•The TreeSize file search can now be started via "Advanced Search" (if installed).


•The enumeration of the Master File Table (MFT) has been accelerated.

•The drive list has been revised. Drives can be selected or deselected faster via additional checkboxes.

•In many cases the search results are already displayed while the MFT is being read.

•If the option "Start with Windows" is activated the user account control is no longer displayed when UltraSearch is started

•Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported.


•The message "Network drives not are supported" was displayed incorrectly in some cases.

•Sorting the "File Version" column now works correctly.

•The drive information in the drive list was not updated correctly. This issue has been resolved.

•An error during the update or uninstallation while the application was running has been fixed.

•Further small bugfixes and improvements.

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544 771 Jam Software <img src=""border="0"> Nov 17, 2018 - 11:48 2.2 10.03MB ZIP 5/5, out of 2 Votes.
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