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File - Download StockDiv v4.7.5

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StockDiv v4.7.5

Your portfolio, your income

Using Windows 7/Vista? Please run "easy fix" before running StockDiv

Main Features
Stock.Div lets you manage your portfolio easily and conveniently, where everything you need to make better decisions about your portfolio is right at your fingertips


High level view of your portfolio including projected income, ROI and your invested money

Portfolio Import

Quickly import your current portfolio or a list of your favorite symbols and enjoy StockDiv's benefits

Dave Fish DGI List

Automatic processing of Dave Fish's list of DGI stocks that increased their dividends for at last 5 consecutive years

Much faster than Excel

Processing a lot of stocks in an Excel sheet can be tiring. StockDiv uses a parallel mechanism that runs in the background to make things MUCH faster


Manage your cash with multiple currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, ILS, CHF and JPY including relevant exchange rates


Automatic commissions calculation so you will know exactly how much you spent

Trading Hours

The trading hours clock will always remind you when the trading hours will begin/end

Alternative Yield

Each stock will tell you what is the alternative yield worth selling it for

Sectors and Stocks Diversification

Sectors and stocks diversification graphs so you will easily know if your portfolio is not diversed enough

Portfolio balancing

Balance your portfolio easily based on stock, dividend yield and tagging

Dividends History

Dividends history including all the known dividends of your stocks including increase percentage

Dividends Projection

Dividends graph per stock and per portfolio including the income you received, the income you will receive and the projected income for the next 10 years

Yearly Payment Matrix and month zoom-in

Yearly payment matrix is for you to know exactly when and from whom you got/get paid. Month zoom-in will let you know the exact dates of your next dividends

Tools & Settings

Including: update for dividends history, last price & currency exchange rates, portfolio importer/exported, quick calculator, backup management, time to freedom calculator, portfolio balancing and MUCH more


Screeners & portfolios that include the relevant information so you can easily make important decisions on what to buy/sell. Multiple portfolios is supported

Filters Manager

A flexible filter manager so you can make any kind of filter you want to pinpoint your desired stock

Conditional Formatting

A flexible conditional formatting so you can easily find what's important to you and easily compare and analye your stocks

Stock Information

The stock information window includes transactions, dividend history, income and much more

Financial Sites

Quick access to important financial sites like Google, Yahoo, Gurufocus and more

Dividends Announcements

Dividends announcements are automatically added so you will know when your income is scheduled to grow


Portable application, no need to install, no cluttering, all files are created in the application folder

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1,080 1,739 Dividend Growth <img src=""border="0"> Nov 14, 2019 - 22:27 4.7.5 11.51MB EXE 5/5, out of 4 Votes.
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v4.7.5  StockDiv  
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