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File - Download AndreaMosaic 3.37 for Mac

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AndreaMosaic 3.37 for Mac
With AndreaMosaic you can create photographic mosaics made with your own pictures. A photo mosaic is an image composed of many tiled photos.

In the field of photographic imaging, a photographic mosaic (also known under the term photomosaic) is a picture (usually a photograph) that has been divided into (usually equal sized) rectangular sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph. So a photo mosaic is a mosaic where every tile is a photograph and not just a simple colored piece.

AndreaMosaic is completely free for personal and commerical use.

AndreaMosaic includes several features for creating mosaics. Together with the standard parameters necessary to create a mosaic the following features are available:

On-the-fly creation of image variants
Automatic cropping of images to fit the tile aspect ratio
Automatic color adjustment
Prevention of close duplicates
High-resolution mosaics (up to 100 gigapixel)

The license allows free use of the software, including commercial use, but it requires that every published or printed photographic mosaic, or derivative work, includes a reference to AndreaMosaic. Also the publishing or display to a large audience of a particular mosaic should be added to the public list of artworks created with AndreaMosaic.

Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.12

12 March 2017 - New Release 3.37.0
- Background Transparency option in TIFF and Photoshop File Format.
- Tile Layers option in Photoshop File Format.
- New advanced option for Web Page creation. Tiles can be copied in a subfolder or linked to the original location.
- New main option Adapt Size which replaces Integral Tiles and Adjust Tile Size.
- Added Advanced option on OS X to disable native file open dialog.
- Added two new patterns: Landscape (7 rows) and Landscape (10 rows).
- Added new advanced option Adjust Tile Size. If enabled it is not necessary to use Integral Tiles for avoiding the last column/row to be cropped. This feature is not enabled with Parquet Pattern.
- Added two new patterns: Landscape (7 rows) and Landscape (10 rows).

Changes and Fixes:
- Translation upgrades and minor changes.
- Minor Bug Fix.
- Updated German translation and minor changes to User Interface.
- Added German Manual in the installation folder.
- Updated TIFF library to version 4.0.6.
- Fixed bug which prevented to save very big JPG.
- Fixed bug on OS X when file name contains non latin characters.
- Fixed minor bug when creating gigapixel mosaics.

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616 1,089 Andrea Denzler <img src=""border="0"> Aug 02, 2018 - 11:53 3.37 57.48MB DMG 5/5, out of 7 Votes.
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