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File - Download Database .NET 26.0.6869

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Database .NET 26.0.6869
Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool
You can browse/grant objects, design tables, edit rows, run queries, generate scripts,
analyze/monitor SQL and import/export/migrate/sync data with a consistent interface.

Major Features/ Special Features/ Exclusive Features

Browsing Table Data:
Browsing Table Data
Highlighting Groups of Cells
Displaying Data Types on the column header
Data Visualization
Multiple Tabs and Browsing Mode (Paging/Horizontal/Vertical)
Cell Viewer
Calculate Selected Cells
Print SQL statements and query results
Filtering Table Data:
Editing Table Data:
Editing Table Data
Form Editor and Viewer
Cell Editor(*)
DateTime Picker
PrimaryKey Selector
GUID Generator
(De)Compression and (De)Encoding strings
Data Import and Export:
Data Import(*)(Clipboard/CSV/TSV/PSV/SSV/TXT/XML):
Importing specific fields
Empty as NULL
Record Separator
Exporting specific fields
All Results or Selected Rows
Export the xls/xlsx file to open in Excel
SQL Editor:
Dynamic Syntax Highlighting
AutoComplete and IntelliSense:
Plain Execution Plan: SQL Server/SQLAzure/ SQLCe/MySQL/ SQLite/PostgreSQL/Oracle/DB2/SybaseASE/Teradata/HP Vertica/ NuoDB/ Access[!]/ Firebird/ Informix
Visual Execution Plan(*)(+): Oracle/ PostgreSQL/ MySQL/ HP Vertica/ SQL Server/SQLAzure/SQLCe
SQL/JSON/XML Formatting and Compression
Inspect Object
Additional Commands:
Output Query:
Displaying the results of batch SQL statements
Displaying informational messages
Generating Scripts:
Generating Scripts
CRUD Stored Procedures
Script Generator(*)
Query Builder(*)
Selected Text to Query Builder
Find and Replace:
Finding and Replacing Multiple Documents
Find In Grid
Replace In Grid
Execution Mode:
Read-Only Mode: SQLite/SQLCe/Access/Excel/dBase/Text/HP Vertica/MySQL/SQL Server
Transaction Mode
Script File Execution
Automatic Execution
Cancel Execution
Object Designer:
Table Designer
Constraint Designer
Index Designer
Database Diagram
Object Navigator:
Quick Filter
Search Database Objects
Search DDL(*)(+)
Search Table Data
Binding Procedure and Function parameters
Table and View objects list
Browsing Column Data
My Favorites
Database Tools:
SQL History
SQL Profiler(*)
Global Mode: SQL Server 2000~2017, Express and LocalDB, IBM DB2, HP Vertica, MySQL (5.6.7+) and Firebird (2.5+)
Session Mode: MySQL (<5.6.7), SQLite
Log Mode: Other databases
Connection Process Manager: MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle/SQL Server/SQLAzure/SQLCe/Sybase ASE/HP Vertica/DB2/Informix/Teradata/NuoDB/Firebird
Protect Database: Access 97~2003/Access 2007~2013/SQLCe/SQLite(AES256/RC4)/VistaDB
Shrink Database: Access 97~2003/Access 2007~2013/Firebird/MySQL/SQL Server/SQLCe/SQLite/VistaDB/PostgreSQL/FoxPro
Backup/Restore Database: MySQL/PostgreSQL/ SQL Server/Firebird/SQLite
Security Manager
Grant Manager(*)(+)
Data Migration(*)(+) (aka dbMigration .NET)
Data Synchronization
Code Manager
SQL File Version Control
Specifying the location of SQL files
Multi line search and Result highlighting
Code Snippets Manager (Default placeholders)
Connection Manager:
Connection Manager
Connection List
Connection Profile: SQL Server/SQL Azure/Oracle/IBM DB2/Informix/MySQL/PostgreSQL/HP Vertica/Sybase ASE/Teradata/NuoDB
Browse for servers: SQL Server/Oracle/IBM DB2
Database browsing modes: SQL Server/MySQL/Teradata/Oracle/Sybase ASE
Excluded Schemas: DB2/Informix/PostgreSQL/HP Vertica/NuoDB
Execute scripts when connected
Additional Features:
Change Password prompt dialog when password expired: MySQL 5.6+/Oracle 12+/SQL Server/SQL Azure/Sybase ASE/Teradata
Drag and Drop support (Text, Tabs, Database)

Ver 26.0 (2018/10/22) Stable Version
- Main program update ( Main ):
Upd: Support for PostgreSQL 11 RTM database system (2018/10/18) (6869)
Add: (PostgreSQL 11) Supports Store Procedures Pre-stored program objects, including: Browse/Delete/Generate/Execute...etc. (6869)
Fix: (PostgreSQL) Fixed (6862) Numeric data type (6869) that could not be processed [without specified length]
Upd: (PostgreSQL) Support Numeric [no specified length] generation and display (including script generation) (6869)
Upd: Optimize interface display problem and graphic display processing speed (6869)
Upd: VistaDB component version updated to VistaDB.5.NET40.dll 5.7.4 (2018/10/14) (6869)
Upd: Update Database .NET Additional Files ( 32bit / 64bit ) (2018/10/19) (6869)
Upd: Others include cumulative small updates, corrections and optimizations (6869)
Misc: Compatible with Compatible with MySQL 8.0.13 / MySQL 5.7.24 / MySQL 5.6.42 / MySQL 5.5.62 (2018/10)
- Connection Profile :
Add: Support Secure Shell Protocol ( SSH: Secure Shell ) connection method (6869)
Supports databases such as PostgreSQL/IBM DB2/Informix/NuoDB/Vertica/SQL Server/Sybase ASE/MySQL/Oracle/Teradata
Add: (Firebird) [New Library] Add PageSize Setting Item (6869)
Upd: (Firebird) Simplified connection setting display and update enable status (6869)
Upd: (Firebird) Client Library path is saved in Relative path, which is convenient for portable version mobile processing (6869)
- SQL Editor ( SQL Editor ):
Add: Query Tab Adds Query Tab Icons : You can view the properties of the tab directly through the icon without switching (6869)
- Code Manager :
Upd: Code Path path is saved in Relative path, which is convenient for portable version mobile processing (6869)
Fix: Fixed an issue where the original code path was not updated after switching from the default path to the portable mode ()
- Data Import :
Upd: Improved error column number and source information message when the import process is wrong (6869)
- Database Migration (Pro):
Upd: All updates are the same as dbMigration .NET Software (6869)

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