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Chatty v0.9.6
Chatty is a Twitch chat client for everyone who appreciates a dedicated desktop application (similiar to a classic IRC client), but doesn't want to miss out on Twitch-specific features.

General Features
Nick colors, emoticons, badges, chat info, stream status and viewercount display
With FrankerFaceZ-Support (Emoticons & Custom Mod Icons) and BetterTTV emotes (no Personal Emotes though), including unified bot badge
Connect with OAuth (your Twitch account password is never entered in the application)
Basic Whisper Support (no history)
Chatlog, clickable links, TAB Completion (nicks, emotes, commands, custom), input history
Message Highlighting and Ignoring
SpeedRunsLive Race Viewer
Viewer-centered Features
Get notified when channels you follow go live and view a list of live streams
Follow and unfollow channels directly out of Chatty
View and insert your subemotes, channel-specific emotes, all global emotes and Twitch emotes you favorited
Easily open streams in your browser, or run Livestreamer (or the more up-to-date Streamlink) out of Chatty
Join several channels, popout individual channels to view them side-by-side
Streamer/Moderation-centered Features
Set your stream title/game/communities (using presets/favorites) and run commercials
Add the current stream time to a file via hotkey or mod command to assist in making Stream Highlights
View a list with the 100 most recent followers/subscribers of your channel
Graph of how your viewercount developed over time this session
Click on nick in chat to open customizable moderation dialog, showing the last messages of this user (no banning the wrong user) and basic account info
AutoMod support to approve/deny filtered messages
Choose your font, customize colors, timestamp, how bans are shown, joins/parts and more
Customize usercolors based on user-type (mod, sub, turbo..), specific usernames or colors (replace colors)
Customize usericons (badges), replace default ones or add your own for specific users
Disable specific emotes, replace emotes with your own locally, change scaling all emotes in chat or the Emote Dialog
Create custom commands and add them to context menus or the user dialog
Add or remove regular, app-wide or global hotkeys according to your needs
Extensive settings dialog to adjust the features to your needs

When you start Chatty the Connect Dialog should come up. Click Create login.. and Request login data and follow the instructions to authorize Chatty to connect to chat for you.


Version 0.9.6
Mar 26

Changes compared to previous release version (v0.9.5):

The new clickable mentions feature allows you to open the User Dialog by clicking not only on the usernames in front of the messages, but also on names that are mentioned within the messages themselves (as long as the mentioned user has recently chatted). In addition, hovering your mouse over a mention marks the username in chat temporarily.

Added clickable mentions for users who have recently chatted (configurable in
"Names" settings with different styling options)
Hovering mention in chat with the mouse now temporarily marks that user
(configurable in "Names" settings with different options on what triggers it)
Mark Highlight/Ignore matches in more places, such as links or mentions
(toggle in "Highlight" settings)
Improved support for some new Twitch Chat messages
Switched GIF decoder (which should fix some previously broken Animated GIFs)

Custom Commands / Customization

Added Custom Command functions $datetime() and $randnum()
Added "vip" to $mod Custom Usericon position
Added general "Info Message" Notification type
Added hotkey actions for 120s and 180s commericals
Added hotkey action to toggle Channel Favorites dialog


Changed image cache structure to improve startup time
Made some timing methods independent of system clock
Added default fallback font (Unifont) to Windows Standalone
Added commands for fallback font directory
Increased/added character limit for some input fields
Livestreamer Dialog: Don't reset size/position as often
Updated localization strings
Updated help


Fixed bug that would cause the wrong element to be clicked sometimes
Fixed error when trying to insert Emote from Emote Dialog into full inputbox
Fixed loading of English (UK) strings
Fixed User Dialog opening position being wrong with some taskbar locations
Fixed custom emotes not showing in Emote Dialog favorites tab
Fixed marked word (rectangle) style on some backgrounds
Fixed some Emoji having an unrendered character behind them

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1,203 3,254 chatty <img src=""border="0"> May 20, 2019 - 11:50 0.9.6 77.19MB ZIP 5/5, out of 13 Votes.
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