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File - Download Chatty v0.14

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Chatty v0.14

Chatty is a chat software specifically made for Twitch, in the spirit of a classic IRC Client. It runs on Windows and any other OS that supports Java 8 or later.


There's more to Chatty than meets the eye, here's just an incomplete list of what it can do.

Basic Features

Join several channels (tabbed), popout individual channels
Channel Favorites & History
Log chat to file, TAB-Completion, Input History
Flexible message Highlighting and Ignoring
Customizable chat colors, font, line spacings, alternating backgrounds
Choose between several Look&Feel, including Dark Mode


Get notified when channels you follow go live
Follow and unfollow channels through Chatty
Easily open streams in your browser, or run Livestreamer (or the more up-to-date Streamlink) out of Chatty


Set your stream title, game & tags (with custom Presets) and run commercials
Write current stream uptime to a file and create Stream Marker, via configurable hotkey or Mod Command, to assist in making Stream Highlights
List your 100 most recent followers/subscribers
Viewerhistory graph of your current streaming session


Click on nick to open customizable User Dialog, showing recent messages and basic account info
Optional pause-chat-on-hover to avoid misclicks
AutoMod support to approve/deny filtered messages
Create Custom Commands and customize Context Menus

Emotes & Badges

FrankerFaceZ Emotes (& Mod Icons), BetterTTV Emotes (no Personal Emotes though)
Unified Bot Badge (using multiple sources)
Emote Dialog with Favorites, Subemotes, Channel-specific Emotes, and more..
Emote TAB-Completion using Shift-TAB (configurable)
Enter Emoji codes like :thinking:, aided by TAB-Completion
Locally hide/ignore individual Emotes or Badges or add your own

Other Features

Use Chatty in several languages, including English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, and more.. (the help and parts of the GUI aren't translated, translations thanks to contributers)
SpeedRunsLive Race Viewer
Global Hotkey support (Windows, Linux, Mac), e.g. to trigger a commerical or Custom Command

Note: This Windows Standalone contains it's own version of Java, which remains in the Chatty folder and is only used for Chatty itself.

Version 0.14
Mar 4, 2021

Changes compared to previous release version (v0.13.1):

This version features (among other things) a more advanced drag and drop functionality:

Tabs can be dragged to the edges of a chat to create a split view with two tab panes side by side.
Tabs can be dragged from one tab pane to another.
Popouts also contain a tab pane now (if more than one tab is dragged into it).
A popout can be opened through the tab context menu (as before) or by dragging a tab outside of the window. Popouts can be opened either as a dialog or separate window.
More customization of how information on tabs is displayed.
The Highlighted and Ignored Messages dialogs can be docked as a tab through their context menus.
Find relevant settings under "Tabs" and "Window".

Custom Commands / Commands

Added $"<text>" to Custom Commands syntax, where everything inside the
quotes is interpreted as literal text (e.g. $"This costs $30 dollars")
Added optional args parameter to Custom Replacements: $(_m,[args]), where
"args" is available in the "_m" replacement via $1- (like a function)
Changes to the /chain command:
Automatically escape seperator character "|" in top-level replacements
Fixed bug where the wrong parameters would be sometimes set
Added /say command
Added $request() method to perform GET requests
Improved $replace() function with more advanced replace options
Added identifiers to retrieve info about the local user
Prevent endless recursion that could happen in some cases
Added warning when Custom Commands have the same name as built-in commands

Matching (Highlight, Ignore etc.)

Added Presets that can be used in individual Matching items (various prefixes)
Improved Highlight editor
Added "n:" prefix for notes that are ignored for matching
Added "startw:" prefix
Added Highlight-style user-related matching to custom Usercolors/Badges
Added Ignore blacklist (to prevent message from being ignored)
Various blacklist improvements
Added "Message Info" context menu entry for chat messages showing which
Highlights or Custom Message Color item they were affected by (if any)
Improved Highlighted/Ignored messages dialogs (e.g. show bans/timeouts)


Added date separator in User Dialog message history
Added setting for User Dialog message limit
Added user notes (via User Dialogs)
Added support for showing pronouns (disabled by default)
Added colored names in userlist (disabled by default, limited to users that
already talked)

Other Changes

Improved tab/popout handling (see description above)
Updated JTattoo Look&amp;Feels to fix some small tabs issues
Added "Join"-link for hosted channels
Keep message in input box after cancelling mention dialog
Account: Allow opening connect URL on error to make manual process easier
Always show whisper related info messages in active channel
Added setting for link color in info messages
Added FFZ per-channel bot recognition
Increased the maximum amount of followed streams that can be requested
Updated translations/texts
Updated help


Fixed error in Highlight editor due to missing icon on some platforms
Fixed sub months in badge tooltips
Fixed token verified dialog showing when it shouldn't
Fixed website approved automod message showing as points reward

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4,632 8,241 chatty <img src=""border="0"> Apr 04, 2021 - 14:46 0.14 79.44MB ZIP 5/5, out of 48 Votes.
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