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Cliqz 1.16.0
Ultra-safe and ultra-fast.
Experience a new dimension of surfing with the Cliqz browser.

Fast and safe. That is how you want to use the internet. We feel that you are entitled to this. For this we have invented the Cliqz browser. Its safety architecture gives you back your anonymity. Its built-in search revolutionizes the way you search the internet and find what you are looking for.

Fast and smart, comes withbuilt-in web search.
Cliqz is the browser that can do just that.

Just imagine. You search for something and even before you have finished typing this is what happens: your browser completes top relevant search results and website suggestions as if on its own. Only one click and you are where you want to go. This feels a bit like thought-reading. No other browser can do that.

With Cliqz you will search smart.

With the Smart Cliqz you get all the important information even before you visit the websites. Everything directly. Everything in the browser. Try it out here.

Private sphere means:your computer is yours.
Cliqz protects it like a first class doorman.

We know this all too well: we search for something and at the next website we visit we are offered products related to our search. This is but the tip of the iceberg. Our data serves as the basis for a flourishing trade. Out of readily available data and a few big data tricks practically everything about us can be found out. We don’t find this okay. That’s why Cliqz will put an end to this.


On nearly all websites trackers are recording your activity – even across websites. Anti-tracking protects you from having your search behaviour tracked. With Cliqz, trackers don’t stand a chance. Your private sphere stays indeed private.


Aggressive advertisment on websites can disturb your web experience massively. With the Cliqz browser you can block annoying ads. Then again, you would like to see the ads on selected websites? No problem. You are in control.


Don’t fall victim to fake websites. The Cliqz browser will protect you from such identity theft. When you are directed to a dangerous website, this will be recognized reliably at an early stage. A warning will keep you away from imminent harm.


On some websites attackers can spy on or manipulate your network traffic. The HTTPs Everywhere function will automatically choose the encrypted connection.

Check that!
We from Cliqz promise you more control of your data. This means that you can check what happens to your data.

Many companies intentionally hide how and which data they collect for what purpose. For a good reason. If you knew what they know about you, you would be shocked. In contrast we promise: Cliqz does not collect any data about you. Well, well … anybody can claim that, you might say. Healthy scepticism is quite advisable in the internet. Therefore everyone can check how we handle data.

The certification company TÜV has approved of our architecture in terms of data protection. And in the Cliqz browser for desktop computers you find a transparency cockpit where you can see in “real time” what data your browser sends to us and what happens to them. The Cliqz browser and all integrated Cliqz functions are open source, which means the software code is accessible to everyone. And should you have questions about data protection our support-team will always have a sympathetic ear for you. More transparency is not possible.

Zero personal data stored on Cliqz servers.

“Privacy by Design” means that no personal data is stored on our servers. We do not only promise that. Using the Cliqz transparency dashboard you are able to check that anytime.

Human Web

Cliqz taps into the wisdom of the crowd – the community of users. It’s this human factor that makes Cliqz unique.
Cliqz is the first intelligent browser. Its ‘brain’ is the built-in search engine, developed with the latest data technologies. Where does this data come from? This is the Human Web.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.16.0 (56.0.1+1.21.0)
Blue is beautiful! With this release Cliqz gets a new blue tab bar and a beautiful panorama of the Alps as a background image. Find out more about this and other improvements we have made.
What is new?

Cliqz Blue Theme and New Background Picture. If you’d like to add a little more color to your browsing experience, you now have the option to make the tab bar blue. This also adds contrast as the active tab is highlighted in white. A mountain panorama of the Alps as background picture on new tabs completes the new colorful look. Both new features are activated by default to bring them to our users’ attention, unless you have previously set a different background image. Of course, you can change the color of the tab bar and the background image at any time in the Cliqz Tab settings menu. Learn more about the Cliqz Tab settings.

French Media News. French speakers can now choose to have French news on their Cliqz Tab. This option can be activated in the Cliqz Tab settings menu.

Search Dropdown: Link to more related Results in Browser History. Searching for something and want to see all the related results in your browser history? This is even easier now: a link ‘Show results found in history’ takes you to the full history results, pre-filtered by all elements that match the query.
What is better?

Update to Firefox 56.0.1. The Firefox updates to versions 56.0 and 56.0.1 add a list of fixes and improvements to Cliqz. Among other changes, there is an updated Preferences menu:

Added search tool so users can find a specific setting quickly
Reorganized preferences so users can more easily scan settings
Rewrote descriptions so users can better understand choices and how they affect browsing
Revised data collection choices

History Interface. We continue working on our History interface (accessible from Cliqz Tab) to add stability and multiple further improvements.

Video Downloader Button is moved inside the URL Bar. In the Cliqz browser, you can download videos from to your computer or send them to your mobile device. To help you find the Video Downloader button more easily, we moved it into the URL bar. It will appear there once a YouTube video page is opened. As before, clicking on the button will show you the download formats available for the respective video and the possibility to send the video to your mobile. Learn more about this feature.
What is fixed?

macOS High Sierra Issues. Users who updated to macOS 10.13 High Sierra experienced UI issues in the Cliqz Browser. For example, Title Bar buttons (close, zoom and maximize buttons) were missing in the browser. This has been fixed.

Missing Complementary Search Engines. Some of the default complementary search engines were no longer available for some users after the previous update. This has been fixed. The missing search engines should appear in the list and be available for the users again.

Text on the pinned Tabs. Your pinned tabs look neat and tidy again – we removed the text that was shown next to the favicon on the pinned tab.

Close Button on the opened Tabs. The close button was disappearing from the opened inactive tabs when there was still enough space to show it. This forced users to activate a tab first in order to close it. This has been fixed.

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