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File - Download ExtractFace v6.3.4

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ExtractFace v6.3.4

Investigators, researchers or other analysts often have to get local copies of Facebook data. It can be necessary for a lot of reasons like submitting Facebook data as evidence, doing advanced offline analysis, etc. But Facebook interface has not been designed for that and does not provide printing or saving functions. Even for a user that want a copy of a conversation in his profile, there is no simple solution.

ExtractFace has been designed to help people to extract data from Facebook. It provides usefull functions to automate a lot of tasks that have to be done manually otherwise. See documentation for more details.

How it works

ExtractFace can be installed using the installer or used as a standalone application. In order to start using it, just run the executable file from the start menu or the directory you install it.

While running, you can access functions by right clicking the ExtractFace tray icon in the taskbar.

ExtractFace uses MozRepl add-on* to automate Mozilla Firefox browser. So you can crawl Facebook as normal with Firefox and use ExtractFace to automate some annoying things like scrolling or clicking in order to get additional content. When the content is fully loaded in your browser, you can print to PDF, capture screen, or use ExtractFace again to dump the data in a usefull way. Be aware that you should not use Firefox when a ExtractFace function is running.

What do you need

1) Windows XP SP2 or newer

2) Mozilla Firefox: ExtractFace doesn't work with last Firefox and Firefox ESR versions. You need obsolete Firefox ESR 52.9 to make it work.

3) The MozRepl add-on extension. This is not available anymore on Mozilla website, you must use the xpi file). To install:
Download the xpi file;
Double click on the file and choose Open with Firefox. When it opens, a popup appears, asking you to confirm installation. Confirm it then Restart Firefox.

4) A Facebook account

Full documentation here.

Version History

Updated code for listing album names in Dump Album.
Updated code for listing friend categories in Dump Friends.
Fixed scrolling bug with Dump group members.
There was an issue with XLSX report format when a category name (friends or albums) contained more than 31 characters (Excel limitation). The name (used for the sheet) will now be truncated if necessary.

Known Problems

ExtractFace is an experimental tool that has to be often updated to follow any change in Facebook code.
ExtractFace may also be affected by any updates to Mozilla Firefox or the MozRepl add-on.
Encoding problems. See Settings for details.
The good working of ExtractFace depends on your computer and network latency (which include your Mozilla Firefox), the Internet latency in general and the Facebook latency. ExtractFace tries to deal with that, but this may be an unpredictable problem. For example, when ExtractFace scrolls a page to the bottom, it checks if it reaches the bottom after each scroll. But even if it waits a few seconds, the page could still be loading at the moment ExtractFace do its check. So, ExtractFace will wait a few seconds more and double-check in order to be sure there is no more content. But even after all of this precautions, it may be still possible that the page is not fully loaded, so you should check by yourself again if you are not sure.
FAT32: Some fonctions or options (ex.: Include profile icons) will not work properly if you select a FAT32 volume as the destination directory (FAT32 doesn't support UTF8 in filename).

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1,277 5,763 Alain Rioux <img src=""border="0"> Feb 27, 2019 - 01:21 6.3.4 19.13MB EXE 5/5, out of 8 Votes.
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ExtractFace  v6.3.4  

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