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File - Download Gang Garrison 2 v2.9.2

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Gang Garrison 2 v2.9.2

Gang Garrison 2 is a free multiplayer 'demake' of Valve's Team Fortress 2. With all 9 classes, many different TF2-inspired environments, and fast-paced, team-based, multiplayer gameplay, GG2 is the premier TF2 tribute.

It was originally conceived by mrfredman and MedO for the 2008 'Bootleg Demake' competition, with many developers later adding new features.

Originally conceived for the 2008 'Bootleg Demake' competition, Gang Garrison 2 is a free multiplayer 'demake' of Valve's Team Fortress 2 started by mrfredman and MedO with many developers later adding new features. With all 9 classes, many different TF2-inspired environments, and fast-paced, team-based, multiplayer gameplay represented, GG2 is the premier TF2 tribute/parody/alternative.

Gang Garrison 2 presents the player with 9 unique classes to use in frenetic, cooperative multiplayer action in a stylish and unique 8-bit style. Battle with your friends or others you encounter online through a whole range of vibrant maps; TF2 maps reimagined in 2D as well as a multitude of maps with all sorts of different looks and settings, all of which have been dreamed up and constructed by members of our community. We've made a huge effort to provide simple, bugfree custom map support, so that anyone with a paint application can put together a map and test it themselves with our Garrison Builder utility. We also gladly encourage Gang Garrison modifications; many successful mods have been incorporated into the game as new features.

While this game has come a long way, it is still a work in progress and many impressive new features are being planned such as new gametypes and alternate weapons. Because this game continues to grow only because of the devotion and hard work of our community, we invite you to come and participate in the future of this game. We are always looking for talented people to join the forum, contribute art, content, ideas, and modifications, and maybe even help us behind the scenes on new official versions. We hope you'll stop by and have a look at our game; it is the imagination and spirit of our players that makes it so fun.

Meet The Controls:

W: Jump
A: Run Left
D: Run Right

Mouse Cursor: Aim
Left Mouse Button: Fire Weapon
Right Mouse Button: Use Special Ability
F: Taunt
B: Drop Intel

E: Call for a Healer
Z: Chat Menu (Emotes)
X: Chat Menu (Interests)
C: Chat Menu (Commands)

N: Open Team Menu
M: Open Class Menu
(hold) Left Shift: Show Scoreboard
F9: Screenshot
F10: Quit the Game
F12: Mute Sound
ESC: Open In-Game Menu

(Spectator Controls)
W: Scroll Camera Up
A: Scroll Camera Left
S: Scroll Camera Down
D: Scroll Camera Right

Numpad +/- or Mouse buttons: Scroll through the players

All controls can be remapped in Options->Controls.

The Classes:

Meet The Runner:
Quick as the wind, the Runner
excels in recovering objectives!
He can double jump in mid-air!
Hit Points: 100
Weapon: Scattergun
Special abilities:
Double-Jump - Jump again while in the air!

Meet The Firebug:
Get close to your foe and burn him!
Push enemies and projectiles
away with a burst of air!
Hit Points: 120
Weapon: Flamethrower
Special abilities:
Airblast - Right-click to blow away enemies, reflect rockets and mines!
Airblast can also blow afterburn off your teammates!
Afterburn - Even touching your enemy with fire will make him feel the heat!
Continuous damage over time! Firebug is immune to afterburn!
Flare - Use your Airblast while shooting to create a fireball!

Meet The Rocketman:
Strong yet graceful, he can
launch himself skyward with his
rockets as well as do damage!
Hit Points: 160
Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Special abilities:
Rocket-Jump - Fire at your feet when you jump to reach great heights!

Meet The Overweight:
A mammoth of a man, carrying
a heavy weapon that will shred
enemies! He can sure eat, too!
Hit Points: 200
Weapon: Minigun
Special abilities:
Manvich - Right-Click to eat a tasty Manvich to fill your belly and recover all HP!
Your Manvich has a cooldown so make sure you choose a good time to eat.

Meet The Detonator:
A master of explosives, the
Detonator can shoot sticky mines
to any surface and set them off!
Hit Points: 120
Weapon: Minegun
Special abilities:
Detonate Mines - Right-click to detonate all of your mines at once!

Meet The Healer:
His all-purpose healing gun can
both heal a teammate from afar
and rain syringes on foes!
Hit Points: 120
Weapon: Needlegun
Special abilities:
Healing - Heal a teammate with a beam by holding the Left Click!
Superburst - Charge your Superburst then Right-Click while holding
Left-Click to make a team-mate invincible and get infinite ammo!
Needlegun - Hold right click to shoot a gun of your own!
Passive Regeneration - You recover health slowly over time!

Meet The Constructor:
A brilliant inventor, the
Constructor can build autoguns
that shoot anything they see!
Hit Points: 120
Weapon: Shotgun
Special abilities:
Build Tool - Right-click to build or destroy an autogun!
Each autogun costs 100 Nuts and Bolts to make.
Passive Regeneration - You recover Nuts and Bolts slowly over time!

Meet The Infiltrator:
A master assassin who can slip
into combat unseen and deliver
a fatal strike with his knife!
Hit Points: 100
Weapon: Revolver
Special abilities:
Cloak - Right-click to become invisible to foes! Right-click again to come
out of cloak!
Stab - Left-click while invisible to stab! A successful stab is guaranteed
to kill!
Passive Invisibility - Even if you aren't cloaked, enemies can't see you
as long as they aren't looking directly at you!

Meet The Rifleman:
Armed with his trusty rifle
and dead aim, his zoom scope
allows him to attack from afar.
Hit Points: 120
Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Special abilities:
Charge - Use Right-Click to toggle between scoping in and out!
While scoped in, damage will increase with time!

Meet The Secret Character:
There is totally no secret
character to speak of. None.
And you can Quote us on that.

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