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Genealogica Grafica 1.23.2
Make an ancestor, descendants or relationship chart.
Produce an elegant web-style genealogical text in your own language.
Link charts and text and publish it on the web.
Superb results and easy to produce from a gedcom file.

Genealogica Grafica is the successor of KStableau. The program offers broad charting capabilities, such as:

ancestor chart (pedigree) plus outline
descendants chart plus outline
ancestor tree
descendant tree
timeline descendants chart
inbreeding charts
relationship charts
circle diagrams
geographic map of birthplaces

In addition, you can rely on:

a clear User Interface
capabilities for personalized report phrasing
superior Gedcom consistency checks
editing of tableau layout
high-quality prints
automatic detection of new versions
UI and output in English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish or Norwegian

The program is free.

Some features in outline

you can specify the depth of a chart (tableau and tree)
there is a 'tree' for ancestors
you can integrate the text into the tableau (pop-ups)
you can edit the title and links in a tableau and add new ones
full control of colors and background images
comprehensive search for persons (name, ID)
integrated inspection of the gedcom
you can even edit the gedcom
very very thorough tests on gedcom consistency
sort children and marriages
choice of presentation of names
determine the level of detail in the reports

extensive context sensitive help (in English only)
add gedcom note and source records
add an index of the names in a report
specify your own report phrases
distinguish between married and living together and more
specify how you want dates and places to be shown
write the whole user interface in another language
print nearby family and tableau
suppress persons for privacy (specify rules for it)
add a visitor counter to the report
link chart to Legacy, GeneWeb or PRO-GEN reports
geographic mapping of birthplaces

Genealogica Grafica would never have reached its current state without the help of many people. In particular I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Annemarth Sterringa for her genealogica insights and the supporters listed to the right for their language contributions.

Arne Eckman (Danish)
Ralf Store (Finnish)
Rauno Nurmi (Finnish)
Philippe Horemans (French)
Berthold Jockenhöfer (German)
Ulrich Thoma (German)
Ralf Store (Swedish)
Erling Utne (Norwegian)
Wim Blok (Norwegian)
Tore Vøien (Norwegian)

1.23 20 Dec 2016 License key no longer required

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20 878 Tom de Neef <img src=" Grafica1_th.png"border="0"> Sep 07, 2017 - 11:42 1.23.2 2.93MB EXE 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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