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Check Browsers' LNK
Check Browsers' LNK checks usual (*.LNK) and the Internet (*.URL) shortcuts to detect harmful links aimed to show undesirable ads in browsers.


1) Disable temporarily your antivirus.

2) Run the file Check Browsers LNK.exe 3) Wait the completing of the work…*

After scanning, the folder “LOG” will be opened near the program and the report Check_Browsers_LNK.log that is to be placed in the theme of helping you.

Some prefixes description:

>>> - shortcuts recommended to be cured. When drag & drop the log to program ClearLNK, they will be cured automatically.

- (minus) - shortcuts that will be excluded from the list of ClearLNK program handling. If you need to cure some of them, just copy line to the main window of ClearLNK and press 'Cure'.

!!! – files needed special attention

The developers:

- Pol’shyn Stanislav (Alex Dragokas)

- regist

Translations maded by:

English: Ganna Khatser.

French: Fr33tux (

German: Natalia Ishyna.

Changelog: - add
Last time the program was damaged when uploading to the server. Sorry for inconvenience.
Added support with Windows 2000 and Windows Server with Terminal services.
File search engine replaced by MFT version (NTFS only). Scan speed will have been significantly increased on machines with slow drives and drives with large number of files.
Added key /allDrives - to check all hard drives of PC.
Added translation into German. You can forcibly switch to this language by specifying key /Lang DE or by renaming program file into "Check Browsers LNK_DE.exe".
Added recognising of user profiles root folder if it was moved during OS installing stage by 'sysprep' or by symlink method.
Fixed false marks "NOT profile".
Fixed bug when mounted disk is recognised as disconnected. Added getting target of associated network resource.
[LNK] Fixed bug with parsing of unicode name of folder for FTP-LNK.
[LNK] Improved parsing of shortcuts with 64-bit environment variables.
[LNK] To the sub-section "Target does not exist" added description "wrong prefix of protocol" for 'MSITStore' shortcuts with unfinished prefixes like http:/, http:\
[PIF] Fixed bug with parsing Cyrillic characters in paths of PIF shortcuts.
[PIF] Fixed bug with differentiation of PIF target into target and argument.
[PIF] Added marks and hash sum, if PIF file is PE EXE.
[ URL ] Fixed parser of URL shortcut with UTF-8 format address.
[ URL ] Maximum length of URL target is increased from 254 to 1000 characters. More longer target will be specified in log with mark of its real size.
[ URL ] Changed order of paths to shortcuts in section "Internet shortcuts". Full path will be specified in log at first place. Next is 8.3 path (for unicode paths).
Command line keys manual has been updated in program /? and on official site.
Fixed a lot of small errors.
Fixed false positives.
Updated databases.

ver. hash:

Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
9 801 Alex Dragokas <img src=""border="0"> Feb 06, 2017 - 12:22 792.1KB EXE 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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Check  Browsers'  LNK  
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