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Wireshark for Mac 32bit 2.0.5
Wireshark is a network packet analyzer. A network packet analyzer will try to capture network packets and tries to display that packet data as detailed as possible.

You could think of a network packet analyzer as a measuring device used to examine what's going on inside a network cable, just like a voltmeter is used by an electrician to examine what's going on inside an electric cable (but at a higher level, of course).

In the past, such tools were either very expensive, proprietary, or both. However, with the advent of Wireshark, all that has changed.

Wireshark is perhaps one of the best open source packet analyzers available today.


network administrators use it to troubleshoot network problems
network security engineers use it to examine security problems
developers use it to debug protocol implementations
people use it to learn network protocol internals
Beside these examples, Wireshark can be helpful in many other situations too.


The following are some of the many features Wireshark provides:
Available for UNIX and Windows.
Capture live packet data from a network interface.
Display packets with very detailed protocol information.
Open and Save packet data captured.
Import and Export packet data from and to a lot of other capture programs.
Filter packets on many criteria.
Search for packets on many criteria.
Colorize packet display based on filters.
Create various statistics.
... and a lot more!

Wireshark 2.0.5 Release Notes
1. What is Wireshark?

Wireshark is the worldís most popular network protocol analyzer. It is used for troubleshooting, analysis, development and education.
2. Whatís New
2.1. Bug Fixes

The following vulnerabilities have been fixed:


CORBA IDL dissector crash on 64-bit Windows. (Bug 12495)


PacketBB crash. (Bug 12577)


WSP infinite loop. (Bug 12594)


RLC long loop. (Bug 12660)


LDSS dissector crash. (Bug 12662)


RLC dissector crash. (Bug 12664)


OpenFlow long loop. (Bug 12659)


MMSE, WAP, WBXML, and WSP infinite loop. (Bug 12661)


WBXML crash. (Bug 12663)

The following bugs have been fixed:

T30 FCF byte decoding masks DTC, CIG and NCS. (Bug 1918)
TShark crashes with option "-z io,stat,Ö" in the presence of negative relative packet timestamps. (Bug 9014)
Packet size limited during capture msg is repeated in the Info column. (Bug 9826)
Wireshark loses windows decorations on second screen when restarting maximized using GNOME. (Bug 11303)
Cannot launch GTK+ version of wireshark as a normal user. (Bug 11400)
Restart current capture fails with "no interface selected" error when capturing in promiscuous mode. (Bug 11834)
Add field completion suggestions when adding a Display filter or Y Field to the IO Graph. (Bug 11899)
Wireshark Qt always indicates locale as "C". (Bug 11960)
Wireshark crashes every time open Statistics → Conversations | Endpoints. (Bug 12288)
Find function within the conversations window does not work. (Bug 12363)
Invalid values for USB SET_REQUEST packets. (Bug 12511)
Display filter dropdown hides cursor. (Bug 12520)
Filter for field name tcp.options.wscale.multiplier cannot exceed 255. (Bug 12525)
Ctrl+ shortcuts that are not text-related do not work when focus is on display filter field. (Bug 12533)
Closing Statistics window results in black screen. (Bug 12544)
OSPF: Incorrect description of N/P-bit in NSSA LSA. (Bug 12555)
Inconsistent VHT data rate. (Bug 12558)
DCE/RPC malformed error when stub-data is missing but a sub-dissector has been registered. (Bug 12561)
Wireshark is marking BGP FlowSpec NLRI as malformed if NLRI length is larger than 239 bytes. (Bug 12568)
"Edit Resolved Name" is not saved in current pcapng file. (Bug 12629)
MPTCP: MP_JOIN B bit not decoded correctly. (Bug 12635)
MPTCP MP_PRIO header with AddrID: incorrect AddrID. (Bug 12641)

2.2. New and Updated Features

There are no new features in this release.
2.3. New File Format Decoding Support

There are no new file formats in this release.
2.4. New Protocol Support

There are no new protocols in this release.
2.5. Updated Protocol Support

802.11 Radiotap, BGP, CAN, CANopen, H.248 Q.1950, IPv4, IPv6, LANforge, LDSS, MPTCP, OSPF, PacketBB, PRP, RLC, RMT-FEC, RSVP, RTP MIDI, T.30, TDS, USB, WAP, WBXML, WiMax RNG-RSP, and WSP
2.6. New and Updated Capture File Support

and pcapng
2.7. New and Updated Capture Interfaces support

There are no new or updated capture interfaces supported in this release.

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722 2,924 Gerald Combs <img src=""border="0"> Jul 28, 2016 - 11:20 2.0.5 30.92MB DMG 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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