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Minetest 64bit 0.4.14
Minetest is a near-infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft, and the like.

Near-infinite maps

With a 620003 block playing area, there's no running out of space. Yes, the world height is also near-infinite.

Multiplayer support

Play by yourself, locally with your friends, or online with dozens of players on a server.

Multiple subgames

Want to install dozens of mods at once? You can. Want to play Hunger Games? No problem!

Modding API

Modify the game and add new content using the Lua programming language.

Texture packs

Not happy at the look of the textures? Change the textures!

Beautiful map generators

Choose from three different in-house map generators, v5, v6 and v7, each of them featuring several biomes.

0.4.14 was released on May 15, 2016.

Add viewing range GUI setting (kilbith)
New settings tab contain all possible settings (PilzAdam)
WoW-style Autorun (Duane Robertson)
Add server side ncurses terminal (est31)
Add support for audio feedback if placing node failed (BlockMen)
New 3D Mode: Pageflip (Dalai Felinto)
Add Valleys mapgen (Duane Robertson)
Add /admin command which says who the server admin is (Splizard)
Add '/clearobjects quick' (kahrl)
Minimap: show player markers (RealBadAngel)
Add support for non-ASCII characters to chat console (ShadowNinja)
Nodebox: Allow nodeboxes to "connect" (Auke Kok)
Add option to disable entity selectionboxes (TriBlade9)
Add option to change screenshot file format (kaeza)

Bug fixes and Improvements

Fix object position border checking (est31)
Fix falling through nodes on world load (Christof Kaufmann)
Add environment variable MINETEST_WORLD_PATH (SmallJoker)
Fix crash regression when invsize formspec gets used (est31)
Fix GUITable selection issues with trees (kahrl)
Speed up and make more accurate relief mapping (RealBadAngel)
Add option to give every object a nametag (BlockMen)
Add support for limiting rotation of automatic face movement dir entities (sapier)
Fix wield item glitch (RealBadAngel)
Allow per-tiles culling (Auke Kok)
Mapblock mesh: Eliminate meshgen lags (RealBadAngel)
Fix jumping at node edge (gregorycu)
Restore simple settings tab and add advanced settings as dialog (BlockMen)
Mapblock mesh: Allow to use VBO (RealBadAngel)
Update menu header image (Jean-Patrick Guerrero)
Fix player dying on login (Ekdohibs)
Mainmenu: Refactor tab UI code (Rui419)
Fix hotbar placement on displays with low screen density (PilzAdam)
Mainmenu: Unify favorite servers with main serverlist (kilbith)
Builtin: Add basic_privs setting (rubenwardy)
Optimize default settings for Android build (Maksim Gamarnik)
Fix locked hardware buttons on Android (Maksim Gamarnik)
Disallow stacking items with different meta (hunterdelyx1)


Add /emergeblocks command and core.emerge_area() Lua API (kwolekr)
Add get_biome_id(biome_name) callback (Duane Robertson)
Added minetest.wallmounted_to_dir (Fernando Carmona Varo)
Allow setting chunksize in core.set_mapgen_params (kwolekr)
ABMs: Make catch-up behaviour optional (paramat)
Decoration API: Add flag for placement on liquid surface (paramat)
Add more ways to pass data to check_player_privs (Robert Zenz)
Add option to disable backface culling for models (BlockMen)
Schematics: Add core.place_schematic_on_vmanip API (kwolekr)
Add LuaSecureRandom (est31)
Allow craft replacements to use groups (TeTpaAka)
Add Lua interface to HTTPFetchRequest (Jeija)
Implement AreaStore serialization (ShadowNinja)
Add AreaStore custom ID API (ShadowNinja)
Add an option to colorize to respect the destination alpha (Samuel Sieb)
Lua_api.txt: Add warnings of l-system lighting bug (paramat)
Add [resize texture modifier (SmallJoker)
Make the inventory bar HUD take offset into account (rubenwardy)


Dungeongen: Remove floating frames (paramat)
Blob ore: Fix partial blobs (paramat)
Mapgen: Add 4D fractal mapgen (paramat)
Mgfractal: Independent offset/slice params for mandelbrot and julia (paramat)
Mapgen: Add global 'decorations' flag (paramat)
Mgv5/v7/flat/fractal: More large pseudorandom caves (paramat)
Mgfractal: Add 3D and 4D fractals (paramat)
Mgvalleys: Add Dry Riverbeds (Duane Robertson)
Mapgen: Spread both night and day light banks in spreadLight (kwolekr)
Mgv7: Decrease cliff steepness (paramat)

Other / Misc

Clean up threading (ShadowNinja)
Improve locale directory detection (est31)
Add new ContentParamType2 "CPT2_DEGROTATE" (est31)
Refactor logging (ShadowNinja)
Improve rollback database indexing (cheapie)
Mgfractal: Add documentation to conf.example and settingtypes (paramat)
Add the player name to dropped items (Robert Zenz)
Implement OSX Travis builds (Pavel Puchkin)
Simplify custom games packaging (Pavel Puchkin)
New timer design (Auke Kok)
Add option to not send pre v25 init packet (est31)
Clean up Strfnd (ShadowNinja)
Add (Craig Davison)
Mainmenu: Standardize the menu button order and sizes (SmallJoker)
Android: Increase player_stepheight for thicker snow nodebox (Maksim Gamarnik)

Minetest Game changes
API changes

A modding API was added to TNT, which allows mods to easily create explosion effects (red-001)
A modding API was added to doors, which allows mods to create new doors that are feature-rich (sofar)
A fence, wall, and fence gate API was added (sofar)
A give_initial_items API was added (rubenwardy)

Interface changes

Creative inventory now allows searching for nodes by name and description (kilbith)

Visual/Effect/Audio changes

Several new textures were added by many different contributors (paramat, kilbith, sofar, kevdoy, Craig Davison, Wouters)
Water texture alpha and water post effect color were changed (paramat)
Steel door sounds were added (sofar)
Flowers will wave when the waving plant shader is enabled (paramat)
Doors are now made out of a single mesh and not two half nodes (sofar)

Mapgen/Landscape changes

Grass can grow on sandy beaches and dunes (paramat)
More flowers will grow in many biomes (paramat)
Almost all biomes are now richer and more varied (paramat)
Aspen trees were added to forests (sofar)
Fallen logs were added (mgv5, mgv7), and mushrooms can grow on them (sofar)
Dirt and sand blobs may appear in sandstone (paramat)

Gameplay changes

Book interface was entirely rewritten to allow for proper pages and wrapping (kilbith, tenplus1, mt-modder)
A metal sign was added, as well as a steel ladder (kilbith)
mushroom spores were removed (sofar)
a metal (locked) trapdoor was added (sofar)
books can be copied in the craft grid (sofar)
A new permanent flame node was added, as well as "flint and steel" (paramat, kilbith)
Moss can grow on cobblestone if it gets wet (paramat)
TNT was largely rewritten and has many new effects and behaviors (red-001, sofar)
Stone walls were added for all cobble stone types (sofar)
A simple Fence gate was added (sofar)
The boat is now slightly faster (paramat)

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